Storm Moon Psychic Reading – Feb. 5, 2023

By | February 4, 2023

Once again this is Starboy The cosmic witch yes I've rebranded once Again but I think that we're gonna stick With this one this time guys Okay with that said this is going to be Our reading for the full moon on February 5th 2023 and yes I did already Do the reading for in bulk slash Candlemass on February 1st including With the full moon but I decided I Wanted to go ahead and do a separate Full moon reading anyways so that's why We're here sorry about that guys I had To cut off the background again I will Quickly show you in the witches Almanac This full moon is occurring On the fifth it's the storm Moon so we Have an energy of the water element rain Storms psychically what I'm feeling with This is I'm actually feeling that this Moon has a lot to do with the healing Energy so the water element actually Makes a lot of sense with this I would Not be surprised if we get a lot of Water cards or something to do with Healing the strongest vibe that I'm Getting with this coming full moon is One of healing work and healing energy This could come across as a sense of Rejuvenation Recuperation this could be a time of Arrest and relaxation as a form of

Healing sometimes we just need downtime From the stresses of life or from Anything that we've been exerting Ourselves and physically emotionally Spiritually mentally in whichever way Sometimes we need to have some down time And allow ourselves to recuperate and Heal and rejuvenate however with that Said I do still think that some of the Messages from the last reading will stop Apply here might come up again here Considering I included the full moon in That reading there might be some Overlaps that come up in the cards this Time as well you can go back and watch That reading if you want those messages Of blossoming social activity and Progress advancement maybe it could be a Bit much so with this full moon it could Be saying that we need to you know make Sure that we Pace ourselves as well when It comes to a lot of activity in any Sense in any shape or form that that may Take so yeah there might be just Messages about pacing yourself with all Of the activity that's coming in all the Progress all of the advancement the full Moon is coming in and saying like pix Yourself slow down a bit and make sure That you're getting the down time as Well it's good to have a bunch of Progress but it's also necessary that we Pace ourselves with that so that's Another message that's coming through

Along with the healing energy and the Other method that were coming through in That reading were about finances and Financial matters I felt like there were Some people that were struggling with Finances and that they would also be Seeing advancement during this time Period as well so that message might Come up again in this reading but with That said that's mainly the psychic Vibes that I'm getting it's a really Strong healing energy in whatever ways You can use that energy in many Different ways but that's the main vibe That I'm getting off from this full moon With that said we're going to go ahead And get into the cars I'll be using the Lumina tarot by Inner Hugh and the wood And Bone and path unknown gay Munich Oracle It's Okay So the first card that we have is the Six of Wands now this card represents The advancement I was talking about the Progress the activity and really the Advancement this is part of Victory it's A card of a Renown and reward That comes from our hard work and our Efforts and our path to our goals so With the six of Wands we're getting the Progress we're getting the rewards we're Getting to the outcome of what we're Seeking there's social energy because

The six of Wands talks about sharing the Bounty of our success as well and the Last reading I was talking about the ten Of Pentacles as reassurance that we have Abundance from our social sphere our Family our friends our loved ones that's A form of abundance that's a form of Security and safety and protection on Wealth with the six of Wands we are also Contributing to that for others we are Contributing abundance and wealth to our Social sphere in turn Most people want wealth and success Because they want to share it with Others they want to share it with their Loved ones Right And that's what the six of Wands also Represents so the six of Wands is also a Reminder to not forget everyone who has Helped you along your way and your path To success on your path to Victory it's Good to be thankful it's good to be Grateful but it's also good to paint Back you know that's what the six of Wands is also reminding us of because we See six wands here we see all of the Elements here so there's a Harmony and That's social energy and there's a sense That coming together in a group In any form is stronger More abundant we receive that but we Also give it that always is increasing Everyone's abundance

And everyone's success and everyone's Victory So think about your team your family Your loved ones your spiritual allies Your soul tribe during this time during This full moon It's very important and it's highlighted With this card Now the next card that we have is the King of Wands now this is coming in once Again with this message of nurturing Coming in as like a parent or a father Figure a provider Protector and nurturer so it's a perfect Follow-up to what I was saying with the Six of Wands the king of Wands is a Leader position of leadership in that Aspect Protection nurturing caring with the King of Wands it's like even further Call to act dynamically To take action take initiative and use Your natural leadership skills a message That's coming through with this is about Taking charge of things because With these energies you know there's There is a lot of activity there's a lot Going on and it can get to be quite Hectic and even chaotic so there is a Sense that you also need to take charge Of the energies So that it doesn't overwhelm you or Start to go into a negative direction as Well you want to be the one that takes

Charge of these things set boundaries But also set goals and I feel like that Message is coming through because I was Talking about how we need to Pace Ourselves with this energy and with all This activity and all of this picking up Of progress and advancement this is the King taking charge so this is a reminder That we need to Pace ourselves we need To control the activity that we're doing Where we're putting our energy and wind Right because the final car that we have From the tarot is Justice the balancing The scales and with the Justice card That's what it's all about it's all About balance it's all about equilibrium It's all about Harmony also Beauty in That so the Justice card is a major Arcana it calls us to action it calls us Once again it calls us to action like The king of Wands it's calling us to Seek balance seek Harmony in all things In our lives and our activities it's Another message about balancing things Facing ourselves Taking charge of making sure that things Stay balanced making sure that there's Clear boundaries We set our own boundaries and really Strictly adhere to them this sort of is Also a secondary message coming through With these cards with the king of Wands And Justice together because it's almost This energy of with this leadership

Energy it's also about stepping into the Spotlight in the last reading where I Was talking about the social butterfly Energy and stepping into the light Letting yourself shine this blossoming Energy sometimes we just need to step Into the light and soak up the sun soak Up the love there's a nurturing energy That comes through to us with that as Well there's a healing energy that comes Through with that and that's also being Shown here it's a beauty it's a Beautiful healing energy because once Again with the six of Wands it's an Energy that we give but we also receive There's a balance to it that's all with All things that's given a take there's a Balance there's an equilibrium So when you step into this leadership Role it's a position of surveys all true Good leaders are in a position of Serving their community Whatever shape or form that may take Giving from that energy you're giving of Yourself you're giving up your passion Your heart your nurturing your love your Care your attention true leadership is An act of love and an act of service but Like I said being in that role also Being a figure of nurturing being a Figure of support being a figure that's Providing this energy you know you're Going to be appreciated you're going to Be recognized and once again that was a

Message coming through with six of Wands This is also a card of Victory Renown Reward success so you're also stepping Into the spotlight with this card you Give light you give warmth you give Nurturing to others and they you know Love you in return they're giving back That energy you're receiving back that Energy so that's also the message of the Justice card there's a beautification of Life in this process and there's a Beautification in a purification of the Self in this process as well because of When you give you receive when you give Love freely You receive it back in turn and that's Where the healing energy comes in that's Why I'm feeling so strongly this healing Energy it's this rebalancing energy Rejuvenation energy stepping back into The light and letting that love come out Of you it's a healing process like I Said you give your love freely you're Going to receive in return It's healing energy both given and Received and of course the other Messages on the Justice card aligning Oneself with the powers of Truth and Justice which I Talked about a lot on my channel the Powers of Truth and Justice are Unstoppable truly So there could be a message coming Through for some people I feel like this

Would only be more so for some people at This time but there is a message also Coming through with the Justice card That if anyone has wronged you or if There's been something that has been out Of balance or you've been done wrong in Some way you can expect things to start To balance out around this time period As well or you should seek yourself with The action Of the king of Wands calling us to Action you should seek Justice at this Time you should seek that balance and You will receive it during this time As well with that said I'm going to go Ahead and pull a runic oracle card That's what it'd be So we get T-wise again this is the card of the god Tier The God Who sacrifices his arm in Order to bind the cosmic wolf fin rear So once again this is Agent of chaos and Defeating it overcoming it binding it And it takes a give and a take it takes A sacrifice to do so you have to be Willing to give of yourself to receive And you can have Victory you can have Success from all of this picked up Activity that could be a bit chaotic if You take charge of it you have to take Charge of it in order to Make yourself successful within it tus Also speaks of self-sacrifice Reiterating the message that you have to

Give to receive stepping into the Leadership role taking the initiative Being the provider and the nurturer The Protector This is a card of protection this is a Room of protection and it's an active Energy it's actively Being protective I'll go ahead and read The book meaning tiwas is a card of the Third eight It's governed by the warrior God tear Who willingly lost his hand while Binding the cosmic wolf and rear these Rooms deal with sacrifices to better Oneself and for the greater good the Third eight reflects social matters such As interactions with family and other Kinfolk home life beliefs and personal Growth tiwas is the Rune associated with Tear a God who battles and binds fenrir And loses a hand in the process not only Does this surmount to a massive amount Of Bravery but also alludes to making Sacrifice to achieve a goal and The Honorable fulfillment of a contract this Rune has become a symbol for warriors in Battle brandishing the Rune to advance a Victorious Conquest the card recreates Tears Journey but the contemplative look On the warrior is one of reflection Strategy knowing a sacrifice is Necessary for a Victorious outcome even With the greatest feet ahead anything is Possible if you set your mind to it

Keywords are our bravery strong will Victory in battle sacrifice Understanding Justice oriented Strategic approach so it is once again Highlighting the energy of Justice you Know making sure that contracts are Fulfilled making sure that balance Happens at all costs as well So there is a bit of an active and Warrior energy coming through with these Cards So you need to contemplate that and Think about that as well as you're going Forward with these energies and Especially with the social energy this Could mean you know making Bargains and Deals and contracts and things like that As well making sure that everyone's Happy and making sure that you get what You need out of what you're giving as Well and other than that you know it Really is just a big reminder that you Can't expect something for nothing Right With all I don't know if you guys just heard my Altar just now popped So it's a really reiterating that Message and driving it home you can't Expect something for nothing so with all This energy that's going on with all of These energies that I'm talking about Bringing in this advancement bringing in This progress and bringing in success it

Is a chaotic energy you have to be the One that takes charge of it in order to Make it go your way in order to make Sure that you get these contracts you Get these deals you get these Connections you know whatever however it Manifests With all this activity picking up with All this Progressive Energy with all This new growth And even with a healing energy if you Don't step into tame it it's just going To be chaos you may find yourself being Drained you may find yourself taking on Too much you may find yourself not Knowing which options to choose from Right there's a lot of different ways That the energy can just be chaos but if You take control of it that's when it's Going to serve you Can serve everyone that you come in Contact with because when you make sure That you're handling your stuff that's When your best service to everyone Around you and again as the final little Side message with this like I was saying With the Justice card you know if you've Been in a position where you've been Wronged or something like that this is The time to seek Justice it's the time To seek balancing of that situation and The T West card is also once again Coming up as the protector energy with That as well and the warrior energy

Pursuing justice so there's also that Message being reiterated here as well For some of you with that said though That's going to be all for this reading Guys that's all the messages that are Coming through at this time I hope that This reading helped you and you're able To see where it fits in your life I hope That you guys had a great inbox Candlemass or a llamas if you're in the Southern Hemisphere and I hope that you Have a wonderful and magical full moon And really Embrace this energy and allow Yourself to step into this more active Role in this leadership role give of Yourself valve because that's how you're Going to receive this healing energy in Return please leave a like if this Really helped you subscribe to the Channel and also I do have my new Channel up for reaction videos and Gaming if that's something that you're Interested in too I'm reacting to The Last of Us right now and some other Things as well so if you're interested In the go subscribe to the YouTube Channel but with that said that's going To be all for this video as always until Next time Hal hackity hell to the Fairies hell to the witches hell to the Rooms and blessed me

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