GEMINI ♊️ AN INCREDIBLE NEW CHAPTER IS ABOUT TO BEGIN – Gemini Horoscope Tarot 6 – 12 February 2023

By | February 4, 2023

I will tell you something my gorgeous Jamie and I I will tell you something Quite important here at the beginning of This week you are going to feel a little Bit frustrated you are going to feel Frustration at the beginning of this Week because you can't start something That you wanted to start and this is Like really gonna throw you out of Balance a little bit but let me tell you That very soon after that moment in time You're gonna start feeling really Nostalgic without even realizing this so Very soon after this moment in time you Are suddenly gonna think about you're Gonna be thinking about the specific Things that used to happen to you like a Long time ago this is going to be either Your childhood or it's going to be some Kind of specific situation in the past You are going to be transported to That's the bottom line you're going to Be transported to to the actual specific Situation that happened to you in the Past like long time ago and this this is Going to make you aware of the fact that You have been already been through Something very very similar indeed both Of this both of these experiences are Quite unique experiences in itself but You will be able to connect the dots and You will be able to see what am I seeing Here right now so that means as soon as You feel frustrated because you can't

Start something that you wanted to start Very soon after that moment in time you Are going to be thinking about the Certain aspects in your past from a long Time ago and the bottom line is that you Are gonna realize that you already have Been through something very very similar Indeed and that in itself that in itself It's actually going to bring you Reflection uh you know basically Reflections on the past it's about to Bring you an important Insight my Go-to's geminine to not forget this Awardsoever because you're dealing with Something that you've already dealt Before but it's just like a little bit Different it's not exactly the same like Experience but then at the end of the Day this is what you're gonna realize Now you're gonna understand and after This moment in time you're actually Going to understand and you will see Exactly what I mean especially when it Comes to you wanting to accomplish this You know you're gonna understand how to Accomplish this what you want to Accomplish what what made you feel like Really frustrated you know to start with So it's gonna start with you feeling Really frustrated and sad and negative But then at the same time it's gonna Lead towards you having this answer this Mind-blowing spiritual key this answer Which is going to come to you through

Your past and you will know how to Accomplish this so don't feel low don't Feel negative don't feel down you know I'm not being a dark liar here Whatsoever I'm just trying to explain That this is indeed actually going to Work out for you really really perfectly Because something amazing is going to Happen not only you will know how to Accomplish this in itself in exactly Nine months time your life is gonna Explode baby in the best possible way in Exactly nine months time you will have Things you don't have now in life and You are probably going to have one of The biggest achievements of your life Like literally literally literally so What's happening right now it's giving You two indications to powerful Indications that what you're gonna feel Frustrated about it's gonna work Perfectly and on another hand in exactly Nine months this is going to bring you An amazing success into your life baby This is brilliant and it's gonna speed Up certain things as well when it comes To certain relationships in your life That haven't been working for a while But you need to fix them you need to Work them everything is going to start Resolving itself after this moment in Time because you have been under lots of Pressure my gorgeous gemininity you have Been because you've been worried about

About something very specific like Something very personal very personal You've been worried about something very Personal you know something about Yourself something very personal that You don't want to talk to people about It okay so what you have been worrying About that is so personal to you my Gorgeous geminine only you know this Okay this is very important so something Has been my goodness draining your Energy along the way the problem with a Certain person in your life but Something else the problem and and and And and and something not being resolved In between you and someone else has been Affecting you way too long but something Else also has been affecting you Something that you've been worried about A very very personal problem it was Scaring you so much let me tell you what The answer to that personal problem is Going to be something was worrying you My gorgeous Germany and this is like Just like a basically this is just so Strong you know and you have to be Strong you have to keep your head up and You have to like kind of adjust your Mind it is going to be absolutely fine I Know this is going to sound crazy but Listen to me very carefully what you're Worrying about it's something very Personal and the reason why my tapping Into it right now is because it started

To affect you subconsciously there are Few little problems that you're actually Dealing with you are dealing with a Problem with certain people in your life And that is affecting you so much Because there's certain things that Haven't been resolved yet but it's to do With the people in your life coming to You so much and that's just draining you In itself you're not being yourself you Haven't been yourself in yourself uh you Haven't been yourself in a while and I'm Not like having a glitch or anything but We or we are humans we all go through These feelings we all go through these Emotions as long as we come to the Bottom of this you know it's going to be Absolutely fine and this is all gonna Leads towards like some kind of really Big unfoldment indeed so that two things One person I think that this has been Affecting you for way too long it's the People a certain person or people in Your life and another thing is this Problem something is scaring you so much That it's actually affecting your Decision making and you're not even Aware of it it's at the back of your Mind it's to do with your subconscious Mind but it's every single time before You try to make a really big decision You just go in this like kind of Indecisive mode indecisive mode Indecisive mode indecisive mode and

Indecisive modes are horrible because They're just like kind of like really Mess you up and they just make you to do Something that you don't want to do only Because you don't trust yourself and the Only reason why you don't trust yourself Is because you've got a couple of Problems that you're dealing with but You need to come to talk and come to the Bottom of this it's very very important And I told you this one problem is to do With a specific person or people in your Life something's not working right and Then another problem is you're worrying Persistently about something down my God Something is going to happen to me type Of thing like that you know something Very personal you know and This is to do with your personal problem Okay this is to do with your personal Problem this oracle card I'm going to Take this out and I'm going to ask these Oracle cards with the help of my Spirit Guides and my angels around to focus on This personal problem that you have my Gorgeous geminine that has just been Affecting you you have to like like Really come on top of this because you Don't want this to affect your healing You know and vibration and energy you Don't want this to go on the next level So I'm just gonna make you feel so good Because I already know that this card is Going to be really good which is going

To come out here when it comes to what You were worrying about let's see what This oracle card is actually going to Say okay this is personal remember you See this It was affecting your courage and now This is a very positive oracle card Because now this is telling me what this Was affecting you this was affecting Sorry so this oracle card came as an Additional bonus oracle card and it's Actually showing what was affecting you Because now you need to know that this Was affecting your courage and this does A great deal to us to our progress to Our process to our energy to our healing Process it was affecting your courage Okay but but now how is that gonna work Out sorry How is this going to work out like this Problem that you're worrying about this Personal problem not to do with the People in your life but the personal Problem how is actually this going to Work out please give us a straight Answer my gorgeous oracle cards please Give us a straight a straight answer how Is this going to work out this problem And I can tell you it's going to work Out absolutely you will be fine you just Have to be patient there you go you have To be patient You have to be patient but the answer to That is the patience it's actually very

Very important sign here because the Patience is positive it's optimistic and It's going to be fine that problem what You've been worrying about it's not Going to end overnight it's not gonna End tomorrow you just it just needs to Go for a little while but you need to be Patient and patience is a very positive And good and powerful sign because it Means that you are going to come out of It there is nothing to worry about a Whatsoever because you are protected Look at this you are protected you're Fine you're absolutely fine you see this Protection so that's your answer you're Absolutely fine so there is nothing to Worry about whatsoever and it's also Caused by you waiting for some kind of a News or you're continuing to do you Needing to do something to find out some Kind of a news that you're so worried About but you are literally protected my Gorgeous gym in it so you must not worry About it whatsoever this is actually Going to transform your life in the best Possible way so what's happening right Now my gorgeous gemininity a tiny little Caterpillar caterpillarini your tiny Little caterpillarin in my gorgeous Geminine in my gorgeous geminine your Tiny little caterpillarini Like this and now you are tiny little Caterpillar but you are going to uh Through your own transformation so you

Are going to be fine you see what you See what I mean so this is your Caterpillar mode you're going through a Caterpillar mode and you are about to Become a butterfly so you're going to Your own a little sacred metamorphosis My gorgeous geminines okay so this is Really really important and also going Back to the beginning of this week you Know you are really going to have a bit Of like kind of like a moment where you Will want to be by yourself and this Moment that you're gonna feel like you Want to be by yourself you know you are Really it's going to reflect on you in Such a way like you will either want to Be in the nature a little bit or you Will want to be summered by the water Summer by the river you're going to feel Quite spiritual or you will want to go And visit some spa or maybe you want to Go to swim in a swimming pool you will Want to take care of your care of Yourself like in a certain way where you Can spend some time by yourself and Really kind of reward yourself and just Just to nurture yourself nurture Yourself maybe you will want to meditate A little bit but it's like kind of a Hermit mode but it's not because you're Gonna have this urge and need you're Gonna feel this need to nurture you Sorry to nurture your body to nurture Your soul to nurture your spirit and

This really depends how this is actually Going to reflect on you but this is how You're gonna feel so it's a bit of a Hermit mode but it's not really and the Reason why myself so you're gonna feel This urge and needs to do something for You but it's more going to be on a Spiritual terms but then at the same Time saying it's a Hermit mode because This is coming from somewhere else this Is a very sacred moment in time so this Is why you always need to kind of taking You always need to take care of yourself So this is an important nurture a Nurturing time but at the same time Something is going to happen to you Because you are going to be open Spiritually and you're gonna realize you Know like um you're gonna realize that You know some kind of a wise a choice It's going to come to you that's Something that you need to do completely Out of the blue some some kind of Wise Choice some kind of choice some kind of Option it's going to be on your mind Some kind of choice some kind of option It's going to be on your mind and and That was on your mind already exactly a One month ago exactly one month ago you Had this idea you had this idea exactly One month ago my God was geminine so That idea is going to bounce back and That idea is going to Bam back at a time When you feel so sacred at a time when

You feel so spiritual and you're gonna Understand that you know at the same Time while you're thinking about that Idea why you go well you're going to be Reminded of that idea that you had 30 Days ago or one month ago exactly you're Also going to be kind of having on your Mind you know certain people who you can Trust and certain people who you cannot Trust and you're also gonna have a lot Of people on your mind on the outside of Your life you know that you're gonna be Thinking about maybe how you can't Understand some people on the outside And maybe they can't understand you and Then you're gonna realize your own power And then you're gonna realize your own Strength because all this time all along You have been doing things in your own Way and and you had a certain way of Thinking about the certain things not Necessarily in your life but looking at The picture on the outside so all this Is kind of going to be part of the Picture and all this is going to make You realize and make you aware of the Fact that you know you're aware of Something very specific here something Very very specific very strange and very Bizarre and very unusual you had so many Confirmations and you know you know that What you think and what you are aware of It's the right thing you know it's 100 Correct so this is just something that

It's also kind of gonna pop into your Mind and highlight some kind of Wrongdoings on the outside which is only Going to confirm the power of you a kind Of like a needing to a really take Things in your own hand and after this Moment in time you are really going to Start realizing your own power and and And that in itself is going to make you Feel absolutely Magnificent about Yourself being because it's just like About you know the hidden enemies are Going to be kind of highlighted without You even looking for it without even Wanting to find out about it it's all Going to become absolutely obvious and That in itself is really going to be Such an interesting time of reflection Because you're gonna realize that you Know there are certain specific goals in Your life that you still need to kind of Put more energy more of more of your Precious energy towards you know and This is going to be quite important Indeed and when it comes to the Meat Part of this week my gorgeous geminine What is going to happen to you it's Going to be really absolutely remarkable Something is really going to blow you Away and I really like this because you Did not you will not expect this you Will not see this coming whatsoever you Will not see what's going to happen to You eight around the midweek and this is

Really going to surprise you and Somebody very consistent in your life Somebody who's important to you somebody Who is in your life somebody is very Consistent and somebody who you talk to Every now and then and somebody who Always gives you like a really Interesting news or fill you in with What's happening type of thing that Particular person it's actually going to Tell you something and what they're Gonna tell you you know it's like first Of all going to make you aware of like What you should invest in and once you Realize what you should invest in at This stage of your life this is to do With the finances but it's to do with Your energy as well and it's stood with Your time as well once you realize There's something really ridiculously Powerful it's going to happen there is a News and message that you are going to Have at around that time and this is Going to blow you away oh my God is to Do with an accomplishment that is going To surprise you but at the same time It's just completely to do with an Unexpected success in your life this my Goal to geminine it's about to show you The way show you the way those things That happen to us completely Unexpectedly but especially when it Comes to the actual success it's like oh My God it's like a blessing blessing

Blessing you are going to have your way Shown like this this is going to happen Completely spontaneously baby but it's Down to you to follow this it's to do With your destiny is to do with your Soul is to do with your space you know Like like a life purpose indeed and that Is gonna make you feel so powerful and So brave indeed and at the same time you Will realize that now you need to make An important step here as quick as you Possibly can you are going to feel Extremely Brave purely because you are Going to realize your sacred capacity Here and that in itself is going to Bring us strength within you in order to Make an absolutely mind-blowing step at This stage in your life with where you Did not think that this is going to be Happening whatsoever and you're gonna Surprise yourself so much because that Step is going to be consisting of Something brand mind-blowingly new but Then again it's to do with you you're Going to surprise yourself because it's To do with the unknown things you know That you are going to kind of go towards Uh certain things that would normally Put you off because you're not too sure How exactly you're going to do this and Now you're gonna surprise yourself of Where this is coming from you know and You really are gonna feel kind of Adamant to do this but you're gonna

Surprise yourself how adamant you feel To actually do something that would Normally like well let's just wait a Little bit and then somebody in your Life that somebody really gorgeous Somebody really psychic somebody really Open-minded somebody ridiculously Powerful when it comes to their Spirituality somebody who maybe lets you Things know on the spiritual level on a Mediumship level on a psychic level Somebody who just doesn't get things Wrong you know and somebody who's Telling you things every now and then Whether that person tells you things Directly or whether you watch this Person somewhere it doesn't really Matter but you are gonna have a Confirmation through somebody in your Life like extremely spiritual and Psychic person who is extremely Extremely extremely quirky and Powerful With what they do and you know this You're aware of this you're absolutely Aware of this like there is no tomorrow That particular person in your life it's Actually going to confirm to you it's Going to tell you something it's going To tell you something so important when It comes to like like it's going to Confirm to you something about you being Careful on one hand from a specific Person in your life to not to take an Advantage of you so sorry about that but

Somebody in your life is going to try to Take an advantage of you and you need to Be very open-minded when it comes to it Because that person is not evil again That person is not horrible but I'm Sorry that trying to attach themselves To something that they shouldn't attach Themselves in the first place it's Almost as if you you have given Something to someone in your life Already but they want more they want More they want more no baby no no baby No so you just need to see that you're Not you're gonna understand actually Through that psychic person in your life Who is trying to take a little advantage Of you so it's like you gave him to some Something to someone already but they Want more they want more they want more So you don't want to fall into that so You're just gonna know who do you need To protect yourself from and I repeat It's not someone who is evil or vile or Horrible necessarily but you just have To like kind of put you need to Understand that you need to put like a Certain barriers and borders in between What you do with that person because Almost like as if you give to one to Someone a little finger and they just Take the whole hand you know what I mean And then like you just go you Disappeared all of you disappeared you Know so they took you all in yeah you

Know so it's like kind of like you Really need to see who this is you know You need to uh you need to make sure That you do need to have a certain Boundaries in between you and somebody Else who is in your life who's not Horrible or evil but they're trying to Take too much from you so that's what You need to be careful so to that Psychic person you're going to Understand that and at the same time You're going to also understand pretty Much so as some kind of a devil devil Dark devil on the outside nothing to do With your life it's going to be Confirmed uh through this psychic person In your life so all that is gonna like Really gonna contribute so much towards You I kind of oh God yeah I knew it I Knew it something wasn't right and Things like that but then again this is All going to really kind of bring you Back to yourself when it comes to you Coming back to an original Vision when It comes to your life and how you want Your life to be I'm saying an original Vision because now I'm talking about Like some kind of a plan that you had a While back and now you've just kind of Left behind because the time wasn't Right so this is going to be kind of Highlighted here indeed so it's just About you a kind of using this as a base To protect yourself in the best possible

Way and to do things on your own accord To do things on your own terms opposed To doing things towards and listening Some kind of nonsense or things that Absolutely don't make sense from the People who you don't even know to see What I mean so it's like coming back to Your home baby and just making the most Of Life by yourself making your own Decisions and ignoring things that Absolutely don't make sense because you Would be surprised how much was going on Over the last few years that have been Stuck at the back of our subconscious Mind you know without us even realizing We can water the plants and there is Something on the radio some down or down Or down or down now shut up you know It's like constant downward you know it Has been so long so it's like even if You're not listening and you're ignoring It there's still it still gets kind of Attached you know like very much so like An acid it's like an acid no it's like It's attached you know to the back of Your subconscious mind and whether you Realize this or not it still kind of has Got some kind of little power over here So when we get like a little indications Like this it helps us so much to come Out of it you know and stand strong baby So now by the time you get to the last Part of this week my gorgeous Germany Now you are going to have a really weird

Experience yeah eight around the last Part of this week you are you are going To have a really weird experience to Start with and that weird experience That you are going to have is going to Make you think like oh how I can protect Certain things in my life I want to Protect this I want to protect that you Know it's okay it's okay that that weird Experience is going to open your eyes And then at the same time it's going to Make you think how you can actually you Know protect things that are yours and At the same time you are really going to Have a very very interesting sign here Very interesting and Powerful sign and a Very interesting and Powerful sign that You are going to have ate around the end Of the week my goal is geminine it's Gonna come to you when you you know What's going to happen before you have This sign before you have this sign There is something that you are going to Be thinking about something that you're Going to be so excited about something That is going to make you feel so good About yourself you're gonna feel Something like and some kind of like Kind of a realization and this Realization that it's going to be on Your mind that you're going to be Thinking about so much now suddenly You're gonna feel oh yeah that's great But I can't do it because of this and I

Can't do it because of that so you see What you're doing here you have some Kind of realization that makes you feel Alive again something that you want to Do some kind of inspiration it's going To be on your mind that it's going to Kind of get you going and then suddenly You're gonna say well I can't do that Because of this and because of that and Then you are going to have a sign my go To Germany and then you're going to have This sign which is going to come to you Through the power of the actual Synchronicity and the sign that you're Going to have it's going to happen to You in a very strange and unique way Something is maybe gonna fall off off or Something major is going to happen like Full on something is either going to Fall off and you're gonna be like oh my God or something is going to smell like The food that someone used to cook who Used to be in your life like the certain Person that died you know that used to Cook like a nice food like I don't know Like some soup or something and then you Smell that soup oh my God my mom not my Mom but you know what like someone used To cook that soup you know what I mean Like someone in my life who used to be In my life you know someone who died or Whatever you know used to cook that soup So and then you feel that smell and then You know that someone is that person is

There or you're gonna feel the Temperature change like suddenly really Cold you know you're sitting down and Suddenly it's really cold and you will Know that you've got some kind of Spiritual activity you will know you Will be prepared for that beforehand There is some kind of spirit around your Spiritual activity and then however it Happens you need to understand that you Have to reflect on what you're thinking About then you need to release release This amount of negative energy it's Going to be like a blame icing this is What you need to pay attention to so When you have this sign this sign is Going to mean that yes when you become Aware of this spirit this the spirit is There in particular to make you aware of The fact that you can do something very Successfully that you are preventing Yourself from doing and you're the only One who can actually release this Negative energy and go through this Absolutely mind-blowing powerful door Which are about to open for you my Gorgeous geminine indeed this is Important but you have to work a little Bit for that in order to see things as They are so now my gorgeous geminine I'm Just going to shuffle this oracle cards And I'm going to see what is going to be A oracle card of the week Okay let's see my gorgeous geminine what

Is going to be a oracle card of the week What is going to be a oracle card of the Week my goals is Jimmy ninis Look at this my gorgeous geminine an Opportunity you're gonna have a Remarkable opportunity this week my Gorgeous geminine this is not just any Opportunity this opportunity is going to Change your life this is gonna be a Life-changing opportunity because this Opportunity is about to open the whole New door for you the new door you see This Gateway my goodness the new door That has been closed for way too long The new door that are also going to help You to embrace to embrace my go to Geminine and to embrace what's to come To embrace this healing energy and to Embrace your own power to do because This is going to help help you to do What you well like kind of thinking About for so long so long but at the Same time you know you were just Thinking it's not the right time this Week is also my gorgeous geminine as I Said before bringing you a very Interesting moment when it comes to you Becoming aware of exactly what is going To bring an amazing success into your Life by the end of the week you're gonna Become ridiculously confident about Things that are indeed gonna make you Feel so much happier but also with the Things that are going to bring success

Into your life when it comes to finances And so many other things as well okay my Gorgeous gemininity thank you ever so Much for watching my videos I'm sending You brightest blessings lots of love Healing peace and light to every single One of you thank you ever so much for Watching my videos Sasha bonus in Psychic medium love you bye

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