Part two of your Questions

By | February 5, 2023

Hi everybody it's me again with part two Of our conversations of your questions I did get a lovely uh text message from Someone who told me And may I quote because remember I was Talking about the um The that Hunter Biden's computer and how It hadn't been under the right Continuity of care I called it he says If there is a break in the chain it Becomes fruit of the poison of the Poisonous tree Doctrine fruit of the Poisonous tree Doctrine so they won't be Able to prove it was in the right hands He said Inadmissible in court So there you have it So thank you to who sent that to me and There you have it so um someone a couple Of you have written and wanted to know The outcome of Andrew Tate And you know I don't need to say much more than his Name Look at this beautiful weather where I'm At I'm in Southern California just Lovely Okay here we go no Gardener today Andrew Tate give me the 4-1-1 What's the scoop on Andrew take Oh Darkness Sort of evil you know this this is the Capricorn card it's also the Saturn card It also could mean you know basically is

What he is Um Crossed by the prophecy card a lot of Things are going to come up that we Don't even know about yet There's a woman on top of this so I Don't know what she has to do with this But there's a woman that could even be The prosecutor But before him down below him is Judgment Behind him is the Riff Raff he really Thought he was all that a cup of tea hey He's getting cut off at the knees he's Getting cut off fall time is very Important So he's It's interesting the lovers which is Passion With the heartache well the heartache In the house So what are you saying to me well you Know His passions led him towards an arena That was ugly You see that kind of card like with the People the Mormon church people that say They can have five wives and then they End up being you know Not good people Um So he is Got a lot of Piles of stuff on his plate this going

Upwards means Victory after burden but Upside down means he's got a lot of Fights a lot of fights he has to handle So tell me the outcome outcome for Andrew Tate He's going to rest in jail for a while He's going to sit in jail for a while You can take that one to the bank Okay Someone else asked Will the children somebody too sent me a Email that they were showing all the UFOs around Russia because you know once Again he's threatening nukes I'm telling You That particular for those of you that Don't remember this I had a Sort of a What would you call session with what I Would call an E.T he was humanoid but he Wasn't a human And I remember telling you guys at the Time he told me Linda we're not here to Destroy you not at all he said we're Here to protect you we're not allowed to Interfere with free will although they Do take certain tribes of the ETS do Take human bodies And experiment like scientists but he Said but we have permission to cut to Come in if you decide to Nuke each other They won't allow it So that's definitely I don't care what Putin says something

Will get demolished Something will not happen with Putin Okay so the children stolen I didn't Even think Putin has felt April Okay the children stolen by Russia Children stolen by Russia will they be Released Remember when I solved The USSR Totally when Putin goes there's like People running out in the streets There's people saying enough I saw the Doors opening the Volney prisoners let's See if the children are Children being able to be relocated with Their families absolutely Absolutely We can't even imagine We can't even imagine some of the horrid Things that have happened with these Children they're trying to grow them Into little Russian puppets Um They even have them working in camps and Stuff So the heartache of these children is Not over We will open the gates And it was evil once again there's the Evil part So we will we will find them again we Will take the sword and end all this I can't give you the time frames you

Guys That's something I can't guarantee you Some people are good at time frames I'm Not Okay Somebody wanted me to do kind of an Overlook of the month of February Like a more in-depth Give them a little bit of input on February By my guys Tell me about the month of February Tell me about the month Foreign Is there anything you want me to tell Everyone about the month Protection Looking at the world within the palm of Our hands looking at the world making Decisions about what to do in the world And God bless all of you in this Freezing cold Um The month of February there's some Sadness sad news I don't know what that means there's Some sad news it seems like it's a woman But Um it it's also you know not terrible Terrible we're gonna be okay so Okay you guys let me throw this all out Ten of Swords so something unexpected This could be February March Somebody said a couple of Psychics said

March was going to be a tough time Um Here's our president our King so to Speak And he's doing good The economy is going to get better you Guys but let's take a look at this ten Of swords and let's kind of include this As February March let's it just let's Just ask because you know it's hard to Pinpoint February March Why do we have the Ten of swords Because that's out of the blue that's Not something we do to ourselves it's Something that hits us Ten of swords Ten of swords What are you saying what's going to Happen What should we as Americans look Out for Some disaster of some sort This is big Let's see if I can get if it's a natural Disaster Um It I hate to say this but it might even Mean some sort of an attempt to hurt Someone in power The comic Stars before us and the Outcome is really good so whatever this Is the outcome is not horrific like we Don't go into a state of mourning so I Can't help but wonder if someone's going

To attempt to do something terrible Maybe it's another big gun thing but It's like the outcome with the Ten of Cups and the Ace of Wands is really good So February March Let's see if I can pick up something And it feels planetary it feels like Things are You don't you know what you guys I don't Know if Putin would be stupid enough to try to Do something but nukes it feels like There could be somebody trying to do Something stupid But ends up hurting others instead of Instead of the focus So there's someone who thinks they're King that's going to try to do something Tragic but it it's almost good news for Us so that's what I'm getting You know usually right before something Happens I'll start feeling that energy Like the news media is going to be Watching this things are going to really Start to happen So put that down okay let's just do a Quick look at March just to see you know Let's just do a quick look at March two See what kind of energy it shows So you heard that they shut down the Spy Balloons Apparently six that of course you can't Believe everything you read but they

Said six con uh conservatives in South Carolina got hurt With guns trying to shoot it down I Don't know if that's true though Sometimes you read that stuff and you Know it's not true The angel of Light so there's a Spiritual energy going on in March Crossed with a woman Okay Oh Some good news this is good news I would Even say the living in is good is better Um There's another woman a powerful woman There's a military Um I don't know money could even be good For us according to this Getting Over Troubled Waters Sliding over the troubled waters so much Isn't as bad as February according to This Okay Um I do still see some weather stuff that's Tough But I do see the Republicans really Holding on to that we're not gonna Approve your debt ceiling and it's Really going to catapult against them Okay so somebody asked Brock Purdy who Was the injured quarterback

Uh for the San Francisco Giants how's he Gonna do Rock Purdy Brock putty injured 49er How is he gonna be Oh he's going to sleep cover he's gonna Do real well It's crossed with a lot of people are Excited about him he's young but people Are talking contracts A lot of energy towards them I know he Was so disappointed in this but you know What they get injured unfortunately Um yeah he's really You know what he's um He's gonna get offers and he may Consider an offer that takes him away From the 49ers I hope he doesn't We have that other 49er that was injured That should be raised rest to go so We'll see he's uh he's still a young Energy form but he did so well with the Niners and they took good care of him So that was a between him getting hurt And in there Johnson got hurt You got a concussion Which is was his replacement But you know that Eagles was good I I Haven't told my family yet but I'm Almost sensing that even if Brock Purdy Didn't get hurt That he we might not have been able to Beat him Okay so here's a good question when you

Win for both fortunately I have no skin In I don't care which one wins I don't even Know if I'll watch it but let's check it Out Kansas workers versus the Eagles Give me three for Kansas One Two Three that doesn't look very good for Kansas give me three for the Eagles Celebrating Here's the win it's gonna be the Eagles You guys sorry Kansas They might have a significant injury in There Uh but it looks like it's gonna be the Eagles and like I said don't write me I Have no skin on the game 49ers have five Super Bowl cups so rings We'll just have to Cry in our spilled milk That's what I get and like I said I Don't have any skin in the game so you Can take that to the bank or not Um And somebody really wants to know that As you know they blew down one of the Spy Blues is there any is there some Sort of retaliation that might take Place what's going on with those spy Balloons So stupid and somebody even today was Saying why would they trying to do that When they're trying to get this thing

They could have done something else to Stop that guy from coming to China for Talks they didn't have to make an ass Out of themselves with this apparently They've always put balloons out there so Let's take a look should we be concerned They're bringing up all the material That came out Above This balloon they're Going to investigate it's some sort of We're they're going to say some stuff That happened with this balloon Yeah our town is upset that we blew it Down too bad They would have blown ours down ASAP What does that mean Okay Um Definitely spine Between we spied there too so Um let me tell you I don't want you guys To worry because This is like a yin yang positive and Negative as much as sometimes we fear China there's really no reason because They're not into having too much drama Even though we think oh they're part They're going to try to take over the World I'm not seeing that I see that they are just worried about Their economy and stuff I'm not saying They won't hurt us down the road but I Do see right now they're not interested That's what I see I didn't see trouble from China just

Like Russia wouldn't dare touch us And oh he's so mad oh look they have no Right to give the military to the Ukraine Oh yeah we do because you had no right To go over there and hurt those people Okay so the Spy balloon is going to be Significant it's some news about it but It's not you know I hate to say it I can't call it a Nothing Burger but it's definitely Something that the Intel will be really Watching closely okay Cinema listen did you guys see that Picture of her dining with McCarthy why Was she dining with McCarthy And he's a congressman she's a So you guys want to know any impact Going independent Any impact was Kirsten's gonna find Independent no because I still see her Voting on behalf of the Democrats so Right now they've got her uncommitted Foreign Any impact of her going independent Well She'll wish she hadn't because she's Going into a bleak spot right now she's Happy Um The towers in our house and here's the Ending this isn't necessarily physical This means this is the end of her career This is the outcome part

It's I it wasn't even going independent It's just who she was what she Represented people are very angry at her And her her Approval rating is So yeah she's not She's not doing very well and she's Going to lose big time But why was McCarthy Danny maybe that Was an old picture we don't know that Could have been done years ago but let's Just see if it's significant They were talking about something Specific What were you guys talking about Seems to be something related with Something she's interested in Like maybe even ask Congress to throw Some money towards us Always representing the big money so she Was looking at McCarthy to help her make Sure these people got what they wanted It doesn't feel on the up and up you Guys so I don't know how long ago yep That's exactly what I said There was some short short of funds She's looking at them asking for them And it seems to be operations International operations So this is it's somebody she's working For It's always about you know even now that She's going to lose she'll really be Hustling the cash so she can retire in

Peace Um okay here's a good one Is Putin alive Foreign Alive We want the truth the whole truth and Nothing but the truth yes I lie I'm feeling he is I feel he's weak But I feel he's alive Um He's battling something Um He hates Biden He's got the Ace of Swords reverse in The Moon I think he has a feeling that his health Isn't very good Something is going to take him down you Guys something big even somebody is Offering him a cup that he thinks is his Friend I don't know if he's like taken out or What but something's gonna happen with Him It might not even mean death it could Just mean the the end of him he's got The Ace of Swords reversed so you know He is not doing well More so than illness I see betrayal But it's not not doesn't mean that he's Not ill Oh Kyle Rittenhouse Has another civil suit filed by father Whose son he killed will that be

Successful So funny he thinks you know the kid Doesn't really get it listen his mother Used to take him to gun range shooting His mother dropped him off at that place What mother would drop her son off with An AK at some sort of event She's as much to blame I'm telling you Right now Kyle Rittenhouse Civil suit filed by the father How's That gonna go Foreign Will it be successful Success Success but let me tell you people will Be mad about that that's interesting It's definitely and whoever this bother Is feels like he's going to get harassed Or something by others But it definitely will blow a Writtenhouse out of the water he'll be Like what uh Um I see some people giving them money To help fight this but he's he's going To be a husband it's really sad It's really sad Okay so Dr Michelle fiscus cannot pursue Monetary damages when she was removed I Can't remember the town they said I Think it was Tennessee she was the the Person in charge of the covid and was Trying to get everybody to get their

Vaccines and stuff and then somebody Within the organization used politics To hurt her reputation and she got fired By these people so she challenged them And they and they said oh well you know You can't get monetary damages but you Can fight Them on her hurting her reputation so Let's check this out Dr Michelle Dr Michelle Her reputation was oh she's determined On this you guys Here's some success here She's going to Ohio court she's going to A circuit court I think Um there's these men all around oh Definitely success News of success I think she'll get She'll get what she wants but not Everything she's a little disappointment Here She really is and listen she may do also I always see this made for TV movie or She's there's somebody who will take her Story and she'll make money from that Um I hate to say this success in I definitely see success and and that This was a firing that they shouldn't Have done But monetary I'm not quite sure about The monetary if she does it doesn't feel That big but I see her selling her story Okay So the last question

New York You guys have been asking about New York Let's take a look-see How is New York going to be Leticia James is hot Leticia James is hot So I won't be seeing you guys again Until Tuesday I come home late Monday Tell me about New York City just give me A drink I need to go to New York I need To see the um Twin Towers thing Well New York is going through some Upsets might even be weather related They're having some money issues too I Don't know what everybody I guess is Having it Right now they're steady even for the Next three years and right now I even See some sort of help from the Government towards New York but I'm not Seeing Armageddon incidents taking place You know like New York gets blown off The map or something nothing like that Such a history with New York When I went to to the Catskills the Mostly New York people came to see me And oh kindest people salted the Earth Really nice So New York don't worry you've got the Three of cups as your outcome which Means celebration even March will be a Good time for you So whatever this thing is that's coming

Up between February and March it's a Tower and it's it's something My dealing with someone pretty popular Or someone you know I don't know if it's Like an assassination I'm I'm just Feeling Something unexpected something we're not Expecting Something that everybody turns their Head So let's hope it's not you know maybe an Assassination attempt but I I just know It shocks people So That is definitely coming up so okay so Let's close it out Is there anything my guys want me to Tell oh I'm getting so much rest here You guys it's so much peace I love my Babies I miss them but it's kind of nice Not to have them looking and staring at Me 24 hours a day When are we going outside are we going To play with the ball Okay tell me Is there anything You guys want me to see Oh Los Angeles area feels pretty good Right now It feels like something's going to Happen in the Midwest Some sort of event that's going to take Place I do see two news feeds taking place

Where we interrupt this to so something Feels like a natural disaster and Something feels like Um Unexpected out of the blue involving a Human being a very popular human being Also Um They're telling us be careful about you Know because some of us get very upset And like overwhelmed try to always look Towards the future know that this tooth Shall pass these are the Wheel of Fortune we're Fortune's Faith we're Working hard to recover in this economy We've had some Bad News Bears I wonder Who that is We've got some good news coming up I Would say Trump probably will be Indicted within the next couple of Months That's the good news Our economy is getting better I'm Telling you right now you guys We're coming over Troubled Waters There's some good news in the world Maybe this is to do with the Ukraine so This I don't want you to worry the angel Of Light and mercy is with us Breathe be quiet in your own realm that Which is likened to itself is strong Create a well-being inside of you and Everything will be okay They've always made me know you're going

To be okay So That's the only reason I came on YouTube Sorry it was to tell you guys don't Worry there's two shall pass Okay you guys Thank you this was part two and I close And I'll see you again in um In my house In Northern California and I shall be Back and that on Tuesday I'll probably Get a lot of stuff done I've got Hundreds of prayers I've got to do my Membership uh pick a cards I've got to Do regular subscribers free 30 minutes So I'll probably do a live with regular I'll do my picker card plus they have Two winners so it's going to be busy When I get back okay love y'all cheers

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