Exactly four months ago you had an idea Exactly four months ago my gorgeous Capricorn news you had an idea and that Idea instantly elevated you that an idea Made you feel so so excited about Yourself so excited about what you're Gonna do so excited what you're gonna Kind of start what you're gonna bring Into your life and most importantly you Started to be so excited about your Future as soon as you became aware of This idea so what happened in the Meantime there were so many other things That were also going on in your personal Life that affected you and affected your Spiritual level and that in itself took Your attention away from those things That you should be kind of paying Attention Center and from those things That you should be really like put and You know as a number one in your life But I'm not having a go at you or Anything like that it is just a normal Part of our spirit normal process of our Spiritual journey because sometimes we Come across something that you know Means to us so much it's like elevates Us it makes us feel ridiculously Enthusiastic and optimistic but two or Three days later we see something else And something that makes us feel Negative about our lives and and then That took uh took over and what you Became aware of was literally something

On the outside that you've heard Something that you've paid attention to On the outside and that sadly took the Better of you because without you even Realized realizing this it took your Attention away from what you should have Been primarily paying attention to and What you should have been primarily put As a number one at that stage of your Life but I'm telling you it doesn't Really matter because these four months You know it needed to pass these four Months needed to pass a why because There is something else that you have Learned about yourself there is Something very special that you have Learned about yourself there is Something very significant that you have Learned about yourself within the last Four months so this is going to make Sense to you like there is no tomorrow My gorgeous Capricorn news I think it's Going to be absolutely obvious you know So I say I started this reading that Four months ago you had an idea and then You forgot not that you forgot about That idea but there were so many other Things that happened that took your Attention away from what you should have Been paying attention to and within the Spiritual terms this is a very very Fertile time of your life because you Gave an opportunity to yourself to Actually without even realizing to to

Your subconscious mind you you have Tapped into the certain things you Haven't stopped before for this is all Going to become obvious and you will Know exactly that why these four months Exactly had to pass because you're going To become aware of exactly what you have Learned about yourself so now this idea That I was talking about that you've had Or you know within the last four months Or like a four months ago exactly for Sorry exactly four months ago that idea Is going to be highlighted again at Around in between the 17th and the 27th Of February especially this is something That now you're gonna realize Within These Days exactly you're gonna be Reminded of that idea you will see Something and you're going to be Reminded of that idea but even more Importantly the situation that you're Gonna come across the situation that You're gonna become aware of it's also Going to make you realize that there is Something very special that you've Actually learned about yourself and About your spiritual journey so if you Actually did start this idea you know Like four months ago it would not be as Successful as it's actually going to be Now because within this alliance with Everything that I said almost as if you Know on one hand you're gonna fight you Will find out where your strength is and

How powerful you are but then on another Hand you know you are also gonna be kind Of reminded of something that you've Learned as well which is gonna make you So much more successful and it's also Going to confirm to you about some kind Of a really really A wise choice this is All gonna lead and all gonna boil down Towards not only you doing the right Thing in life when it comes to that idea Trust me you will know what this idea is But also at the same time you are going To become aware of the fact that this is Gonna be ridiculously ridiculously Ridiculously a wise a choice this idea That you're also going to have is gonna Answer your question question when it Comes to probably one of the longest Contemplations of your life it's going To help you so much to be honest with Yourself but it's also going to help you So much to see the the you know the Light at the end of the very very long Tunnel here indeed okay and also my Gorgeous Capricorn is when it comes to The actual a number your number is a 76 76 it's a very powerful number and it Also means in numerology that now it's Time with that now it's the time where Things are are going to to start kind of Getting together there is so much that Is going to start making sense in your Life but this is all kind of preparing You for something really really special

Indeed number 76 means that you have Been prepared for such a long time to Actually get to this stage of your life Where you are really at the same I'm Going to need to have a kind of like a Really enough relevant confidence and Self-esteem to kind of like you you know To go for this wise choice and that in Itself my gorgeous capricornus it's also At the same time going to lead towards You A really having a big a celebration And exactly now we have number four Again this is absolutely crazy and it Doesn't surprise me whatsoever now I'm Saving seeing a four again here so it's It's like a lot about you so before I See you know four months ago remember And now I'm seeing a very strong Indication when it comes to number four Again and that gives us number 44 which Is an angel number and this also in Itself means that at around the 11th of February you are gonna have a really Mind-blowing sign which is going to be From a from a completely different Dimension at around 11th of February you Are going to have a mind-blowing sign Which is going to be from a completely Different dimension and you are going to Know that someone is around you Something is around you someone really Positive someone really spiritual I'm Talking about some kind of spirit at Around the 11th of February you are

Going to have a really mind-blowing Spiritual experience like which is going To open your eyes and it's going to make You aware of how special you are how Powerful you are and how much you can Actually understand about yourself and About your life and about what's Happening and this is really going to Open you up beautifully because it's Going to increase your confidence but at The same time it's going to kind of Prove a very very personal point to you Because it's not about this mind-blowing Spiritual experience you are going to Have ate around the 11th of February but It's most importantly what is actually Going to come out of it because you are Going to say something you are going to Become aware of some kind of spirit but At the same time you just also literally You need to kind of be completely honest With yourself because you know when we Have a certain spirits around there is Always a reason for it and at around the 11th of February when you become aware Of this Spirit listen they come here to Help us to guide us this is like your Guiding gorgeous little light that you Need to understand why they are here or Why especially at that moment in time Some kind of spirit is about to make Themselves known how you need to kind of Like take the most out of that situation By a really almost immediately you need

To like release some kind of negativity They want you to know the spirit will Want you to know this is number 44 in an Angel number this is this is what the Angel number is doing the spirit will Want to let you know to a really kind of Ate around the 11th of February you Still have to understand that you can do Something think that you're kind of like A just keep on slowing yourself down and And you're not giving enough credit to Yourself about something so you have to Really kind of release that big amount Of negative energy by paying attention To what was on your mind when you became Aware of that Spirit exactly because It's all about Spirit wanting to point Out to you to release the huge amount Amount of negative energy that only you Can do this so you can carry on on your Own path but it's going to be pointed Out what you should really be confident About instead of feeling completely not Confident you know so it's just going to Be pointed what do you need to release In terms of the negative energy you have To trust yourself because only you can Do this for yourself my gorgeous Capricornus indeed so this is going to Be a beautiful spiritual moment okay and Also at around the 11th of February when You do become aware of the spirit or the Spiritual activity very shortly after That moment in time you're also going to

Hear oh my God something about someone Very precious to you very special to you In your life like like you you you you You or you're gonna hear something Negative happening with somebody who Means to you so much or suddenly you're Gonna have the name the specific name of Someone who means to you so much and and And and and and and if you do have like A name of someone who means to you some Means you mean to you so much someone Who you love someone in your life this Is also an indication that that person Is going to need your help that person And needs some kind of clarification When it comes to a very difficult stage Of their lives a new my gorgeous Capricornus are going to play here a Mind-blowing a role like oh my God so The person who comes to your mind the First as well it's also going to need Your advice about something that you're Absolutely right about some kind of Advice you need to open in someone's Eyes because someone is going very Closely someone is around some kind of a Danger very closely and you know this You know that you know about this danger You knew about this danger for a while But you just have to really reach to Reach forward and talk to that person And see what is actually going on Because it's to do with some kind of Danger that person standing in front of

Some kind of danger but you've been Aware of this danger for way too long And I do think that this person is like A nice person good person in your life But it's also with someone who is just Maybe a little bit naive you know and I I don't want to say all naive no no it Doesn't mean that that person is stupid Or silly or horrible or anything like That just naive a little bit you know Sometimes people are just so gorgeous And pure and sometimes people live their Life through their pureness through them Being pure and gorgeous and and and These are very special little Spirits Special little souls in our life lives And sometimes they can't believe that People can do certain things or that People can be horrible because this is Something that that person will kind of Never do so they just sing this world Through their own lens you know so They're not necessarily are horrible Like naive no silly naive do you know What I mean but just sometimes people Are like really pure so pure within Themselves that they cannot believe that Some certain people could be doing like Horrible things in this world for Example yeah you know what I mean so It's like basically just need to kind of Really help to that person as well this Is to do with somebody who is in your Life and at the same time I'm talking

About like almost as if you are going to Like I don't know like I know it's gonna Sound like my God I'm being dramatic you Know but it's almost as if y'all are Going to save someone's life do you know What I mean do you know like it's like I Know I'm being dramatic here yeah but It's like it's it's it's just this is How important this is actually going to Be so this is is something you need to Understand and also my gorgeous Capricorn news you know when it comes to The February 8th around the mid months You know there is gonna be you know Someone is just like really gonna be Maybe just a little bit abrupt with you Maybe a little bit of rude with you but It's almost as if you're gonna feel a Little bit hurt but then then you must Kind of not be defensive because I think That someone is going to be like kind of Like not rude with you to be rude but Someone is going to try to kind of like Really open your eyes uh towards Something that that has been on your Mind for so long towards something that You've been talking about for way too Long but you didn't do much about it and I've seen this before this is so Important this seemed to be kind of Repeating until you pay attention to it You know so someone is going to be Brutally honest with you but this is to Do with the somebody in your life

Somebody who's so close to you so these People people who are family members and People who are really close to us you Know they speak to us in a certain way Because you know without feeling Offended or anything like that so Someone is just going to going to be Like brutally honest with you and first Of all you're going to be like kind of Like a little bit upset and offended but Then you're gonna realize that this Person is actually do your great favor Because it's gonna like a really kind of Through that person you're gonna realize Like a very much so really important Part of your life it's missing and and And and this is going to be highlighted Something that's missing and this in Itself it's going to it's about to turn Your life upside down but in the best Possible way because when you realize What's missing in your life you are Really first of all you're going to be Like kind of when you are kind of Reminded of this first of all you're Going to be like kind of like upset and And then and maybe a little bit angry But then very soon minutes after that You know you're gonna realize okay yeah I get it I get it you know it's time you Know and then at the same time this is Going to help you to be this is going to Help you quite a lot to be like kind of Honest with yourself and and also it's

Going to help be a lot to understand you Know the importance of set importance of Certain importance the actual importance Of certain things in life but it's also Going to help you to understand that you Must you know take care of yourself like Take care of yourself in such a way Where maybe if you work too much you're Just gonna need to take a little like You kind of think about the balance Maybe if you're like uh maybe if you Haven't like kind of meditated enough or Something like that now you will want to Kind of meditate enough you know this is A really going to reflect quite a lot on Your own spirituality and you being Stuck with certain things in life have Affected you over the last few years and You haven't been doing things maybe what You were doing like like for so long for Example that mean to you so much so it's Gonna come out a lot what the things That you're not doing but you should be Doing but they make you feel so much but The life is going the life is going the Life is going the life is really Brave The life is really quick you know so This is important because it's all going To boil down towards you a rejoining uh With your own spirituality and and also At the same time you know you're gonna Start paying attention to little things In life that make you feel really happy And you are gonna find yourself

Wondering like why didn't you do things For such a long time that you wanted to Do but this is a lot to do with you it Really kind of it's to do with your Personal life is to do it you're Carrying on with your life is to do with You exploring things it's to do with you Carrying on with things you will see and You will understand that something was Affecting you for so long that you've Almost like kind of lost yourself within This like within the last two or three Years so this is going to be really nice Shaking moment for you which is going to Open your eyes the most beautiful things In life and there were so many Opportunities towards so many kind of Realizations there is something really That is about to be unlocked within at This moment in time and you will see Exactly what I mean because after that The huge amount of negative energy is About to be shifted and this huge amount Of negative energy is about to be Shifted and that means that you know you Are really kind of gonna now come up With a very very interesting plan here As well and the plan that you're gonna Come up with it's like a basically also A kind of going to bring you back to Something that happened to you eight Months ago something that happened to You exactly eight months ago and Something was left unresolved something

Was left unresolved exactly eight months Ago and you need to like do the relevant Adjustment is to do with you making an Adjustment is to do with you going back To what happened eight months ago and You need to deal with something Something was left behind behind you Need to deal with something something Needs to come to an end something that Was left unresolved ex oh gosh I just Dropped my tarot cards something that Was left unresolved exactly eight months Ago you're gonna need to pop back to That time and see and realize what that Is because it's slowing you down it's Slowing you down it's slowing down your Own process all right now okay so this Is entirely down to you almost as if now You're not able to do what you want to Do in the way you want to do how you Wanna do it when you wanna do it you're Not able to express yourself how you can Express yourself you see it's affecting So many like kind of important stages of Our Lives you know but sometimes we Don't realize this so you need to kind Of realize what this is because it's Still holding you down and it's still Kind of making you a not to be a kind of Able to go to the extent you know you Can go to with things that you put your Mind on especially when it comes to the Projects and things like that this is a Lot to do with a subconscious mind with

An unfinished business but also it's a Lot to do with those things that are Gonna be keep on coming back into our Lives until we deal with something Properly here I know I know it's so confusing but it's So so so important like oh my God and Also my gorgeous Capricorn is another Thing that I wanted to say to you when It comes to these months but especially When it comes to the eighth 18s and the 28th so it's the 8th 18th And the 28th these three days I need you To kind of really understand That all these three days These three days are going to be Completely different but one thing it Will share and it's you are going to Find yourself being a really uh working On something important to you so it's to Do with three different stages three Different things that you're gonna work On within these three different days They're gonna be three completely Different things but what you need to Pay attention to that your concentration Is going to be like oh my God you are Really going to be enjoying yourself so Much your concentration levels are gonna Be mind-blowing and I told you when we Are working on something when our Concentration levels are really like we Become extremely sharp and at the same Time time we are projecting this very

Sacred energy and in return what we get Back is lots of realizations lots of Realization so please my goodness pay Attention to the actual realizations That you are going to have have within These three days this realization at a Time when you're so concentrating Towards something at the same time these Realizations are also going to start Paving the way these realizations are Also going to answer a kind of uh so Much about the things that you thought Were like a massive problems and these Realizations are also at the same time All these realizations are part of your Turning point that you are going through Right now so they are important because By the time you get to the last two days Of February you will see that something Remarkable is actually going to happen You're going to become aware of the Certain events that you're gonna find Out absolutely mind-blowing and let Alone like just thinking about them just Focusing on them let alone once you kind Of like a jump into it you know but you Wouldn't become aware of this Mind-blowing events which are going to Give you an opportunity to like really Express yourself in a such a Mind-blowing way you wouldn't really pay You wouldn't even realize this if you Didn't pay attention to what is actually Going to be happening within these three

Days so that's where you need to pay Attention to the realizations that you Are going to have because slowly but Surely it's all going to be leading to That point to the last the very last two Days of February indeed so now my Gorgeous Capricorn news how can I forget About this how can I forget I know I did I didn't even start I'm losing it I'm Losing it I'm losing it I'm losing it I'm losing it I'm losing it I'm losing It I'm losing it I'm losing it I'm Losing it I'm losing it I'm losing it I'm losing it I'm losing it I'm losing It I'm losing it I'm losing it I'm Losing it I'm losing it I'm losing it I'm losing it I'm losing it I'm losing It I'm losing it I'm losing it I'm Losing it I'm losing it I'm losing it I'm losing it I'm losing it I'm losing It I'm losing it I've never had it yeah okay so now my Gorgeous Capricorn is what else I was Going to say would be uh yes when it Comes to nutrition and when it comes to Like what you should be taking it's just I'm gonna say which is rather important Like I would normally say it's a natural Vitamin D3 in combination with zinc Picolinate which is are going to be Mind-blowing in order to boost your Immune system but it's also going to Give you so much energy and it's going To be really superb when it comes to

Skin hair and nails as well and also What I highly recommend you is of course A big mama chlorella organic chlorella It's mine blowing when it comes to Detoxifying our bodies from all the Dangerous Metals which are in the air in The sky in the soil in the ground and They sadly end up in the plants in in us As well so organic chlorella has got a Power to detoxify your body from these Metals but it's also rich in omega-3 Essential fatty acids which is a Ridiculously powerful when it comes to Our mind and memory and all these type Of things of course I've got my own Supplements so vitamin D3 that's it and Natural zinc picolinate and organic Chlorella by the way my supplements are Indeed a very special they are without Any horrible ingredients without any Chemicals and they are made with a Superb quality Ingredients if you're on any other Medications if you are pregnant or if You're breastfeeding you just need to Check with your doctor you just need to Check with your GP only your doctor or GP can tell you whether this can Interact with your existing medications Or not and this superb vitamins of a Like a highest quality that you can buy From me my own brand you can really Check so that without any rubbish any Chemicals that's suitable for

Vegetarians vegans everyone so you just Need to check the the in the description Below you will see where you can buy Them or you can go on Google and just Type in Sasha bonus and vitamins and you Will see my page coming up that way as Well now the very first important data That I would like to mention to you my Gorgeous Capricorn news [Music] Capricorn news [Music] Capricorn use raise your vibration so Now this uh the first important date is Going to be on the 2nd of February you Know I like this so much but let me just Skip back to the 1st of February on the 1st of February something really kind of Is going to happen to you you're gonna Come across someone and and and and and And and you what you're gonna see it's Really kind of going to open your eyes And it's going to inspire you just a Little bit but you will not realize what An impact on your life it's actually Going to have so already by the time you Get to the 2nd of February my gorgeous Capricornus you are really going to be Thinking about what you came across like On the first of February on the 2nd of February you are gonna have this magical Moment because something is going to be Answered to you something is going to Become so clear here something is going

To become so obvious here my gorgeous Capricorn you so there is a kind of like This situation that is gonna start Changing slowly but surely every single Aspect of your life in this situation It's about you understanding something From a completely different perspective From a completely different angle is Something that was draining your energy Something that was making you feel so Negative something that was making you Feel so sad something that was Constantly kind of making you to fight With yourself backward forward left Right up down do you know what I mean It's just too much you've been worrying About something it's like oh my God You've been boring about something but You weren't realizing how much this is Affecting you how much this is affecting Your planning how much this is affecting Your future how much is this actually Affecting you so now this in itself is Going to be a magical moment because You are gonna see some kind of problem From a completely different perspective Because what you're gonna come across on The 1st of January and this is Absolutely brilliant you know and at the Same time it's fantastic because you are Gonna become so optimistic and so Ambitious about your own success about Something that it's gonna like really Now you're also at the same time this is

Not gonna lead towards you thinking About some kind of idea or something That you want to do with your life and You're going to become so adamant so Energetic you're going to become so Optimistic and so positive and then You're gonna realize you know what all This time like this was affecting me why Am I some vicious right now why do I Feel so excited and so elevated Spiritually right now you will see it's Like a spiritual Domino again it was all Connected that like you becoming aware Of this different perspective on the on An ongoing problem in your life it's at The same time going to make you show is Going to show you the clear adjustment And sacrifice that you need to make but This is again like a really good Sacrifice so as soon as you become aware Of you're going to become so ambitious And so optimistic and so confident about Some kind of a success so this is a big Mama that I need you to pay attention to Because it's not only about your Confidence but it's also about you like Really finding yourself on a very very Interesting stage in your life when it Comes to you doing the right thing you Knowing what is the right thing but also This is are going to bring you like such A accomplishment into your life an Amazing accomplishment accomplishment Like oh my God the life of luxury baby

No just basically you are gonna be able To do what you're not able to do now in Terms of finances and things like that I'm not saying that you're not able to Do things in terms of finances you could Be a millionaire you could be a Billionaire you know what I mean no no Baby no but it's just going to make you Feel like kind of to have things that You maybe don't have now you know what I Mean so you will know that this is going To you will know exactly what this is Actually going to bring into your life And it's going to lead towards this baby Towards an important accomplishment you See this absolutely an important Accomplishment success happiness Contentment you know you're gonna feel So pleased with yourself you're going to Feel so happy with yourself within the Next few months already things are going To start changing and unfolding for you Like there is no tomorrow and all Capricorn is bye bye new Capricorns Hello my darling just if I mean so this Is going to lead towards this it's like Very very important indeed you are going To feel pleased with yourself even if it At the moment you know even if at you Know at the time it doesn't like kind of Feel like oh my God the extent of this You know you will see every single step Of the way you're gonna realize more About yourself after this moment in time

Indeed Capricorn news I'm just going to show You the first pendant look at this baby This is called True Light absolutely Gorgeous look it elevates us instantly It makes us feel good about ourselves it Makes us pay attention to things that we Have done that are big that are great That are amazing but very often we Forget about it so it helps us to remind Ourselves on the really great progress We have made in life okay and this is Always really important because it helps Us to stay on top of things but at the Same time it really helps you to be a Passionate to feel passionate and to to Have and to keep your passion alive Towards things towards those things that You're extremely passionate about Because your passion is your power your Power is your passion the more you keep This alive the more you're gonna keep Going and the more powerful you're Actually going to be this keeps the fire In your soul going at a time when it's Like too watery out there you know what I mean the fire in your little soul just Goes like a big mama nothing can stop This fire from burning indeed but I'm Just saying that basically this gorgeous Too light pendant is going to really Help you to kind of you know enhance you Know the the positive energy which are Within yourself which only like kind of

Like really heals you around you and Really kind of give you so much energy Especially when you're working on really Really important things when you wear This when you're working on something That you're passionate about you get Additional messages you get additional Informations you get you get a strength And confidence to do things that you Wouldn't normally have so this works Really perfectly with those things that We are passionate about it brings an Amazing balance these gorgeous two light Comes with sterling silver chain and the Link to buy this is in the description Below by buying things from my channel My gorgeous Capricorn news you're also Supporting my channel as well do you Know what just one second yeah because I Dropped my cards and because I dropped My car Parts I really love these cards I Really do and and and Um basically I don't want to step on Them because later I'm gonna forget that I've dropped them and and and this is so I really like this you know later I'm Gonna forget that I dropped them and Then I'm just gonna stand on them and It's like oh no I just start I stood on My tarot card and then it just goes all Flat and weird and then oh no no baby no So now I've just done this sorry about That so now the second day to my Gorgeous capricornus it's actually going

To be on the this is the one that I was Going to say before it's like oh my God Oh my God oh my God Oh my God Oh my God my God my God God my God okay Listen the seventh it's like so good the Seventh of the actual uh on the 7th of February you are gonna you know have a Really good news uh this is the time of Your own Victory this is the time what You've been actually waiting for for Such a long time this is the time of Success this is the time when you're Gonna feel so pleased about yourself and About your life and about some kind of Decision you made a while back you've Been working on it working on it and now Your hard work my gorgeous capricornos It's about to pay off on the 7th of February 2023 this is to do with the great Achievement this is to do with the great Victory and this is also to do with you A really feeling so good here it's not Only about a victory it's not only about The success but it's also about you Realizing right now how a exactly you Are going to get a recognized you know How exactly you are going to get Recognized for what you want to get Recognized by even more importantly This Is Gonna Make You Feel So even more Confident and it's also at the same time Going to put you in a mode of like oh my

God you're going to become so Enthusiastic and so happy because you Will know that this is the notch part of Your natural progression after that Moment in time you will become aware of What you have to learn and what you have To investigate and what you got what You're going to kind of find out further And later on you're also going to find Out what an amazing bright prospects What you thought that you need to learn And find out more you're going to become Very extremely optimistic about it you Know and then later on you will see that This is indeed the reason why you were So excited about it because your Subconscious mind was like a bad Attention to pay attention to it this is About to bring a really kind of amazing Bright Prospect effects into your life Indeed and that's on the 7th of February The third important date will be on the 15th of February now the 15th of February it's like before I go there uh The the next thing I was going to Recommend you this is the last time I Brought the last one I promise Don't scare me like that did you hear That beep people are getting like so so Like kind of Shopping with each other on the road you Know like um people get so kind of not Really people I know some people are not Really patient you know some people are

A little bit silly yeah this is it look At this it's the basically it's the Peter's side this is a gorgeous baby Look at the colors look at that pattern It's mind-blowing I've never seen Anything like it this is probably one of The most powerful crystals I have but It's also extremely extremely extremely Rare This Bitter site is mind-blowing Because it has got the power to Instantly ground us instantly protect us From the negative energy but at the same Time it also has got the power to Discharge and negative energies as well As well an emotional turmoil while Cleansing our Aura this is very Important because at the same time it's Really kind of when you wear a Peter's Side it's like extremely kind of you Become a real kind of it brings you a Good luck also when it comes to Korea When it comes to finances but it also Protect you like from the things that Could kind of harm you in such a way It's like a similar to an evil eye you Know it's like it's in such a way way Where someone can live a little bit of Trail on something within our energy Whether they do that with their look or Whether they do that with just their own Existence around us it depends how much Of the negative energy people have Within themselves sometimes people can Be so strong when it comes to their

Energy and they project certain things On us and you know with the power of Energy sometimes the difficult things That these other people go through we Can pick up on them we can bring into Our own vibration and we can be kind of We invite this in our lives into our Lives just because we have been around Certain people who are toxic when it Comes to their vibration and their Energy and I know this is a horrible Word toxic because these people they may Not even know that they're doing this You know sometimes it's very difficult The more problems people have like a Tom Or something like that the more Difficult they become the more prone They become to kind of like really kind Of have a very kind of negative energy And vibration that is very very unique In its own kind of existence especially When it comes to like passing it on to Other people and affecting other People's lives as well I know this Sounds horrible but you know this is the Choice like a similar to an evil eye Sometimes people can give you an evenly On purpose and sometimes people don't do This on purpose you know it's just like It really depends what is going on in Their lives and also when it comes to The actual Peter's side you know when You wear this you also become it doesn't Only protect you from negative energy

But it also I kind of give you all sorts Of ideas and at the same time it makes You like a really kind of like a keen And eager you know to do what you Normally don't want to do and the dark Things that you see about your life when You wear Peter such you see them in the Light way so you see nasty and horrible Things that are slowing you down as a Challenge as a good and optimistic Challenge rather than something bad That's how powerful despondent is this Gorgeous feature site comes with Sterling silver chain and the link to Buy this is in the description below but Buying things from my channel you're Also supporting my channel as well the Second important date it's on the 15th Of February [Music] 2023 so now on the 15th of February 2023 You know it's like also now you know you Are gonna have a bit of like a tower You're gonna find out something that You're actually not going to like that Much on the 15th of February my gorgeous Capricornus indeed and this is going to Start with this is actually going to Throw you out of balance because what You're gonna find out it's gonna make You feel just a little bit sad because It's not about the loss of balance as Such but it's more about is just going To mess up your plans a little bit and

And then now you're going to think oh Great you know I can't believe it just Happened now it shouldn't have happened Now now this is gonna mess me up and You're gonna feel a little bit uneasy You're gonna feel a little bit like kind Of not really nice but then very shortly After that moment in time somebody who You really know really well is going to Reach forward and you're gonna talk to That person and through them you're Gonna understand you know what it's Actually this is this this happened like So nicely and organically and it's Actually going to work in your favor Because you will realize if that Tower Didn't happen negative situation that is Going to throw you out of balance if That didn't happen you would be stuck With something in some kind of Route you Know you would be stuck with something So this is going to help you to unstick Yourself if that makes sense so this is Gonna be brilliant and then you are also Like after that hour happens then very Shortly after you're gonna realize you Know what it actually was for the better It's something that came to an end a Long time ago now he did your favor Because this just unfolded Itself by Itself so this is why this is going to Be brilliant for you my gorgeous Capricornus but at the same time you're Also going to see you're going to have a

Very unusual sign a very kind of unusual Sign ate around the same time something Very unique and very strange and very Unusual and this sign that you are going To have it's going to come through the Nature you're either going to be in the Nature after that or you're gonna maybe You're gonna be looking at the nature Looking at a tree or something or do you Know what I mean but somehow there is Some kind of sign that you are going to Have through the nature maybe you're Gonna be at home and you're gonna be Looking at your plants you know what Means nature you know and then suddenly Oh I see the shape of uh the sun oh I'm Gonna be enlighted soon the Enlightenment you know what I mean I'm Gonna become fully aware of something That I didn't right now you know what I Mean it really depends how you're going When I read this but somehow through the Actual nature whether it's going to be On the outside or it's going to be Inside you will have the sign and you Will kind of that sign that you are Going to have you're really gonna also It's more about the synchronicity what Was on your mind and what you were Thinking about and then suddenly you Look at the plant or you look at the Tree and you you're able to read Something you're able to connect you're Able to realize something somehow there

Is going to be an answer for you that This actually was brilliant because also It's a br some kind of idea you're going To have an answer in a form of some kind Of idea and this idea that you're going To have that in itself it's also like Kind of gonna make you aware it's gonna Instantly gonna give you hope and it's Gonna instantly give you an inspiration And it's gonna instantly going to make You aware of so many other opportunities And this is going to be the beginning of Just one idea but from the 15th of February until the end of the month There is so much so many additional Ideas that you're actually going to have So this in itself is a lot to do with You following what makes you feel good And What Makes You optimistic and just Going with it indeed and someone is also When you become aware of that idea it's Around the time when you see this sign You know at around that time you're also Gonna kind of you're gonna remember of Someone in your life a very powerful Person very special person somebody Who's extremely grounded and extremely Clever and somebody who has a gift of a Vision for example somebody who is able To see things and just do something Immediate with it somebody who is a very Gifted in so many different ways but Also at the same time through that Person you are kind of it's more about

You be like thinking about a certain Specific person in your life here and Through them it's more about you using Them as a base it's something that they Did in their life and something that They achieved in their life and that's What you will want to do and you will Know that this is going to be the way For you to do this and to achieve that As well and in itself my goodness this Is going to start the process of Absolutely mind a blowing manifestation Here This is where this is actually going to Lead to See this baby ten of coins my gorgeous Capricornus this is so so so perfect and Ate around the same time on the 15th of February you're also going to become Aware of some kind of additional things On the outside that that it's maybe Going to come through the news or like Again you know what I mean like things That you've been aware of before anyway But you're gonna find out other things That are gonna be got that are gonna go Either third even further there is Something additional that you're gonna Find out some kind of Danger on the Outside which is not going to do nothing To you just you becoming aware of it and Finding it out you're already one step Away from it but it's more about you Kind of finding out that at the right

Time of your life because it's only Somehow going to confirm the things Things for you that you are on the right Path and you are doing the right thing Now you have to be as individual as Possible uh the last the last important Day to my gorgeous Capricorn news it's Going to be on the 24th of February and Now the 24th of February look this is Going to be mind-blowing time on the 24th of February something like really It's going to surprise you here an Unexpected situation is going to take Place okay you have got an unexpected Success here on one hand it's about you Finding out about an unexpected success In your life but on another hand you're Also going to find out that at the same Time a really huge challenge in your Life came to an end and this is like oh My God this is the biggest Destiny Moment in time you will ever have my Gorgeous capricornus because it's not Only about challenge coming to an end It's not only about this surprising Situation but at the same time You are Going to become aware of one of the Biggest Potentials of your lifetime whether you Believe this or not my gorgeous Capricornus you better believe it okay You better believe it on the 24th of February

2023 you are going to become aware of One of the biggest potentials of your Life this is something that is going to Like really change every single aspect Of your life something that is going to Make you aware of how strong you are how Powerful you are how different you are How unique you are how strong you are There's so many Fantastic elements about Yourself that are actually going to be Highlighted at the same time you are Gonna love what you're gonna become Aware of you are gonna have an instant Attraction towards what you're gonna Become aware of but at the same time you Know this is going to need for you to Literally make a room for it in your Life because this in itself is gonna Need like considered amount of planning And this is just the beginning you've Never ever felt so strong in your life My gorgeous capricornus in order to take Something on and in order to change your Life what you're gonna feel it's gonna Be different it will be strong it will Be powerful so you will know that this Is for you to do this is the right thing For you to do indeed so now my gorgeous Capricornos I'm just going to see what Is going to happen to those of you in Relationship and and what is going to Happen to those of you that are single Now for those of you in relationship This is like oh okay it's a brilliant

Because very negative stage is coming to An end the negative stage that like you Both suffered with you know be because Something really unfolded within the Last year in your lives and what Unfolded within the last year in your Life you reached the stage where you Wanted to do something both of you Something really significant and and it Was absolutely the right time you know Everything was absolutely superb but Then something else happened and then What happened it just took your Attention away from now you as the Couple should have been kind of doing And paying attention to and it doesn't Really matter so because now my gorgeous Capricorn is what is actually going to Happen is you will kind of both have Enough of some kind of waiting and this Is gonna be brilliant because almost as If you both are going to become Rebellious when it comes to some kind of Waiting but in a good way so you're Really gonna realize that if you don't Make the necessary step both of you no One else is going to make this for you This is very important for you to Understand that that's exactly what You're gonna do by the end of this month You as the couple are going to make an Important step this time this step is Going to be towards what you wanted to Do but then at the same time it's a

Great deal of you towards making a step Towards an unknown as well but this is Going to bring you success this is going To bring you both an accomplishment and Trust me you're both going to feel Extremely proud with yourself here Because you are going to make the Necessary step which is going to take an Additional 10 to 11 months until things Explode in the best possible way the way Things are going to explode you're going To like it because your life is then Gonna be completely different to what it Is now in the best possible way indeed And also you are already going to be Able to pick the fruits of your labor Indeed and for those of you are single And ready to like hello my darling for Those of you who are single and ready to Mingle my gorgeous Cafe regardless you Know War it's like almost as if like You're gonna come across like this Person and then it's gonna be like oh You're gorgeous you're amazing it's like Oh my God you're amazing you're amazing And then then you know you're gonna Think that person is gorgeous on the Outside like interesting on the inside But then being Capricorn as you will Know that something is not right Something is not right something is Bizarre something just doesn't seem Right you're gonna find first of all You're gonna see like oh my God so

Interesting so interesting and Interesting and like really great person Very delicious and you're gonna be Putting it down to them uh that you feel That something is not right you're gonna Put this down to you you're almost Almost like as if you're gonna blame Yourself that you are feeling like this But you're not going to be able to help Yourself because you're extremely Psychic you're extremely spiritual you Just can't help yourself and this is why It's so important for you to understand That you know capricornus you know if Someone is good you know that person is Good if someone is bad you know that the Person is bad same with the situations Because you're extremely intuitive so But this one is just gonna be so Interesting and there is something that They did or they do and you're just Gonna feel such a strong attraction Towards something that they do because What they do and what they're doing it's Very unique and it's very different and You're gonna like that oh my God I like This I liked it but then very soon you Are gonna give in to yourself when it Comes to cheeky and naughty you're gonna Very soon find out something that that Person did and you're not gonna like This you're not going to be able to go Over that so something that they did is Just really not gonna work with you and

You should definitely listen to your Intuition you know this is important so You know this is going to be nice A Little interesting experience but you Are going to give a credit to yourself By moving on from someone who you know It's not actually good for you you know So you have to be honest with yourself You are really loving yourself by not Allowing someone to come into your life Like this I'm not saying it's a vile Person I'm not saying it's a horrible Person but you know it is just something That you found out about them something That they did even if you kind of ignore This right now this would catch up with You so it's better to just kind of move On but for some reason that is gonna Work so perfectly for you once you meet This person my gorgeous Capricorn is Because for some reason this is going to Make it to me Nation to jump out like a Big murmur for some reason after that Moment in time you know because you're Going to get a flavor of what you want You know how you want things to be and This person is going to be delicious Looking you know this is going to open You up nicely and spiritually and it's Going to give you a flavor of and how Things can be in your life but it's also Going to make you realize that you're Kind of ready for it so this is not Going to affect you my gorgeous

Capricorn is this person that you're Gonna realize it's not going to be the Right person for you but most Importantly it's actually going to Inspire you inspire to that person You're gonna realize that you're Actually ready like full on and this is When Big Mama is gonna come in and you Will see exactly what I mean okay my Gorgeous Capricorn is thank you ever so Much for watching my videos I'm sending You brightest blessings lots of love Healing peace and light to every single One of you thank you ever so much for Watching my videos Sasha bonus in Psychic medium love you bye [Music]