Divine Masculine Have Trust Because This Relationship Was Divinely Made.

Divine Masculine Have Trust Because This Relationship Was Divinely Made.
Divine Masculine Have Trust Because This Relationship Was Divinely Made.

Hello my beautiful people Welcome To Your Divine masculine reading this is The dream Clairvoyant thank you guys so Very much for tuning in I do hope you're All doing well feeling safe and feeling Blessed because you are so this message May resonate with anyone who is Embodying their Divine masculine energy All right let's get started you have the Four of Swords that's here okay Message for the Divine masculine let's See what's going on six of Wands Strength card And then the two of swords Okay Hmm Pull out three more cards here let's Queen of cups Oops oops oops Okay let's do that again tell us more About this message Hmm the Divine muscle you're stressed Out about Someone okay tell us more about this Message Okay Knight of Wands and the king of Wands Hmm You are worrying about someone who let's Just say You have a whole lot of uh Mites and passion for Um If it was up to you you would sweep this

Person off their feet right now if it Was up to you But you're here in the four of swords And swords are all about you know your Thoughts your your mental right And the four source is someone who may Be having some anxieties and worries or You're just you're overthinking Something here okay something's been on Your mind a bit too much okay Um the six of Wands It is Victory it is recognition you are Carrying the torch here Um There's something here though Divine Masculine strength let me clarify this Six of Wands before I say this let me Get some confirmation four of Wands in Reverse It's almost like you're wondering if This person That's bothering you tell us about the Six of Wands Oops Nine of swords You're wondering I'm just gonna say it You're wondering if you're still the Winner of this person's heart That's what's been on your mind do they Still think about you do they still have The passion for you You want this person to have strong Desires for you Because you have strong desires for them

And you want to be the winner of their Hearts forever and ever and ever and Ever And I feel like that is that is what's Happening Here Okay I feel like with the six of Wands That is what is happening you are the Victor Of their hearts You have this person's undivided Attention The six of Wands is recognition It's victory Um They do notice you they do see you they Do know you they do acknowledge you but For some reason the four of Wands is in The reverse And I feel like it's representing your Biggest fear your worst nightmare waking Up one day and discovering that this Person doesn't want to be with you Anymore That they want out You're fearful of that But Why like why You know the king of Wands is not Someone who's relaxing you see he I mean He's not even leaning back on his throne He's sitting up his fist is balled up Why fight for something that's already Yours Why fight for for something that's

Already yours this person is yours They don't just want you but they They choose you I feel like this person has chosen you Lifetime after lifetime Time and they don't know how else they Can prove this to you for you to believe It Before meeting you this person waited And waited and waited to meet you They chose you before they could even Meet you let that let that sit in Okay let that settle in They chose you before they could even Meet you Can you imagine So that means they didn't choose you Just for your looks Just for your money your status But they chose you Because they know that you are the one The Divine had already revealed it to Them That the two of you are meant to be Together And if you are dealing with a God-fearing obedient Child of God Then you know That they're not going to disobey God Before they met you They Had already chosen you they chose you Before they could even meet you you have

No competition you don't need to be in This king of Wands energy The king of Wands Is someone who I mean they are a warrior They're very strong powerful ambitious People And the king of Wands loves victory And he doesn't mind fighting he doesn't Mind competing but why compete for Something that's already yours Why Compete for something that's already Yours It's not necessary You are already the winner of this Person's heart This was destined to be But you're thinking about the worst four Of Wands in the reverse is not good in The upright it's commitments it's Marriage it's Redemption it's success Successful soulmate uh unions and Partnerships But you're thinking I mean I mean just The thought of losing this person it is Devastating Just the thought of losing this person Is devastating It's almost like you are Really forcing yourself to think about Negative things You keep on focusing on the negative On the what ifs Why why hurt yourself like that

Why torment yourself like that it's like You're purposely thinking about negative Things to make yourself sad and grieve Over what Over what There's no Devastation here there's no Heartbreak here there's no separation Here This person is yours and they will Forever be if you treat them good give Them a reason to stay God has already given you this person God has already given the two of you to Each other the blessing has already been Delivered now you must maintain that Blessing and not sabotage it Not mishandle it Due to past grievances Are you doing this Because you haven't let go of something That happens in the past Is it Childhood trauma and healed wounds what Is it An ex did something to you Because the blessing is in your hand But you have to maintain it you got to Treat it good So that it'll last a long time you've Already been given the relationship of Your dreams now take good care of it so That it can last forever Don't mess this up What are your fears

King of Pentacles But it says what are your fears Divine Masculine Seven of Pentacles eight of Wands Your fear Your fear Is committing to this person Having that stable life Secure relationship that you've always Wanted Putting in the time and effort Making the the Investments Only for this person to leave You don't like you don't like to to lose Things Okay you're a king of Pentacles you're Used to having the best of the best the King of Pentacles is the best of the Best the king of Pentacles is a highly Valuable person very successful as well You're a valuable person who knows other Valuable people places and things And when you find something that is Valuable that is great amazing Incredible you it's almost like you you You you like to collect valuable things You collect them and you you keep it all To yourself And indeed you do deserve it because you Yourself you're also a valuable person But don't you realize that that's why You're even able to access these Valuable people places and things It's not all by your doing

It's by the Divine giving it to you The Divine has blessed you with Abundance and the and the Divine brings You these valuable people places and Things It's by his doing it's it's by his might And power that you have these things so Clearly he gave that he gave it to you He gave them to you Because he deems you worthy and valuable And deserving so it's already yours Why fight and compete for something That's already yours why are you Exhausting yourself like this it makes Me feel like maybe there is an Insecurity issue where you feel like You're not deserving of it But if you weren't The most high would not have given you These valuable things Because it's universal law what what Goes around comes back around In order for you to be getting these Good nice valuable people places and Things you had to have done the work for It this is your karmic reward So is this person you had to have done The work to receive such a loving highly Valuable Uh divine feminine you had to have But you're so afraid Of like Settling down committing ourselves to This person

Making the Investments And then for them to slip right out of Your Your hand Your grip because right now you're Gripping onto this person you are like Attached to this person You don't want them to go anywhere But what I want you to know is You didn't find this person By yourself It was not by your will that you found This person the Divine LED them to you So the Divine has already done the work For you So just let go of that control Let go of it He has already done the work by Blessing you with this person Now all you have to do is maintain the Relationship Do your part as the Divine masculine Fulfill your role duties and obligations And the rest will flow naturally Because this relationship it is destined It's faded it's already been written in The stars And nothing will go wrong if the two of You equally mutually do your parts Okay We have the queen of Cups nine of Wands Or did I just skip a card Strength card the two of swords Overcoming difficulties being brave okay

I feel like it's it's the discipline It's the restraint You're having a hard time Restraining yourself this is not Something that you have to fight for That you have to compete for You don't have to do anything but allow Yourself to be open to receiving this Relationship which is a blessing and Taking good care of it You're used to having to control things Or you're used to having to fight for Things you're used to having to compete For things you're used to having to us To to having to have to like assert Yourself to get things right don't we All right you have to be the king of Wands is a go-getter Right so it's just it's it's it's it's It's naturally a part of you right to go And fight for what you want work hard to Get what you want those are great uh uh Traits characteristics to have but in This case you don't have to do that Because the reason why you receive this Person in the first place is because the Divine LED them to you It was out of your control But because you did the work you're Receiving this person this relationship As a reward as a bless saying foreign So you're having a hard time just Letting go and enjoying the relationship Restraining yourself

From doing things that may come off as Overbearing overwhelming or controlling No one is going to take this person away From you and maybe you're even used to Losing you're used to losing Relationships friendships bonds and Connections Maybe you feel like good things don't Ever last long in your life which is a Lie that the devil has has told you and You shouldn't believe it Because anything that is good and Valuable that comes from God it will Last a very long time And it's almost like you're very Defensive when it comes to this Connection where you feel like something Or someone's gonna do something that Will disrupt the relationship these are All fear tactics that the enemy is using On you so that you can you can do Something out of character or do Something wrong out of fear and then you End up messing up a good thing This connection is already a good thing Because it was put together by the most High But the enemy is trying to use fear Tactics on you so that you can you can Act or misbehave You know Out of fear And then you end up really sabotaging This

Okay Yeah The enemy is trying to have a hold on You by using fear Fear of you losing this person has Caused you to behave very defensively Queen of Cups nine of Wands queen of Cups is clearly Your lover Who You Are You've allowed the enemy to have a hold Over you By instilling fear by putting fear in You and now in a way you're trying to Have a hold over your person so in a way The enemy has a hold on the both of you The enemy has a hold on you and now You're you're out of fear you're trying To have a hold on your person so in a Way the enemy has the both of you like This chained To him So this is a prime example of when the Enemy can can't access you directly He'll go through someone who's closest To you So now the enemy is influencing your Person through you Break that chain Break that Chain Break It Divine Masculine Break that chain Okay Surrender yourself

To God Who divinely put this relationship Together before you even knew anything About it He is the one who's in control Not you Your need for control stems from Fear The fear of losing this person But if you truly Have trust and faith in God you would Know that since he brought you this Connection He will also help you maintain it for a Long time and he is also protecting this Connection that he put together This relationship is his creation not Yours Will help you Release Control Because you were never in control of This relationship in the first place But now you want control out of fear and It's causing some issues here King of cups And the devil in between the two of you It is causing a separation between the Two of you that is your worst fear Your fear of losing this person is Causing you to lose this person that is Why fear Is never a good thing to have and when You feel it creeping up on you You pray and you rebuke that spirit of Fear

Okay And have steadfast faith All right and there are so many Scriptures About that spirit of fear there's so Many scriptures about fear you can look Them up you can get out your Bible or The app or you just Google it and you Read it read it over and over And it does wonders you'll feel that Heavy weight you'll feel it be removed You'll feel that that that relief Immediately As you speak the word You were afraid A Vietnamese separating you and your Person you're afraid of Outsiders Disrupting the connection now because You have so much fear you have welcomed In the devil In this case you are your own worst fear Aren't we all aren't we all That's why we need to catch ourselves Right call ourselves out When we notice that we're doing things Out of character Call yourself out on it And Do better Knight of Wands King Of Wands You are ready to stop anything Anyone from disrupting this relationship But you don't realize that you may have Manifested the devil within yourself

Did you know that you can do that while The Devil is a separate entity Right We can manifest the devil within Ourselves we can even Attract his spirit Where we start doing devilish things Right we start doing devilish things and You know and now it's influencing our Our actions our decisions Right that's what's going on here tell Us more I just wants King Of Wands Page of cups All you want is for your person to love You that is all you want And you don't want any yeah the star Your desires your wish fulfillment all You want is for your person to love you Unconditionally And I want you to know this that Whatever you desire whatever you need Your person has already been trained Prepared developed and taught God has Already Taught your person how to love you And how to provide you with the things That you do need You to understand what I'm saying So your person went through certain went Through unique experiences that trained Them to be the Divine counterpart that You need and that you deserve So let's say for example if you're Fearful of Outsiders

Disrupting your relationship I'm pretty Sure your person has had some sort of Experience that taught them that taught Them about jealous people Dangerous people malicious people who Like to ruin ruin people's relationship Ruin a good thing so your person has That discernment already And they've already been taught on how To avoid those sorts of people What I'm trying to say is This is exactly the person that you Manifested And you're exactly the person that they Manifested and the two of you have been Taught very well on how to be the best Best partner romantic partner to each Other that you can be Okay The love it's almost like this person Was born to love you This person will do things naturally Without you even having to tell them to Do it This is your manifestation And you are theirs You don't have to worry You don't have to worry because you're Not the one who's in control God is So just just release that mentality Okay Release it seven of swords The controlling things that you've been Doing and hiding it because you know if

You were to tell them they would be Upset now I don't believe you're doing Anything harmful to your person but I do Feel like you've been doing some sneaky Things to control them or control the Relationship or something Okay and you don't need to do that you Don't This person loves you unconditionally Just like how much you love them Unconditionally I feel like this is the kind of love That will never run dry God has already blessed this Relationship Abundantly fruitfully you guys will grow And expand Prosper together the love will never the Love will always overflow it will never Run dry unless you choose to do Something that that is damaging to this Relationship just know that I think the solution is you need to Restore your faith in God Yeah Turn to God for this That's what will really really help you Because if you have true faith in God You wouldn't feel the need to This distrustful And and controlling you wouldn't Okay So I'm gonna go ahead and end the Reading here thank you guys so very much

For tuning in I really hope you enjoyed The message okay take care everyone many Blessings to you