Hi air signs my name is Debbie and I'm An intuitive reader and I'm here today To give you guys your monthlies for the Month of February of 2023. please keep In mind that this is a general reading So if you are interested in your own Private reading all the information is Down below in the description box below Also check out my new channel uh that is Called messages from loved ones it Should be pinned to the top of the Comment section down below as well as Everything is in the description box as Well as my new book uh accepting the Gift it's all about the Paranormal and My journey along the way so let's get Into it here we're going to start off For my sister That I don't know what's wrong with me uh Libra Let's see let's see Somebody's mind is spinning Somebody knows that they need to come Come you know uh their energy down it's Been a long journey here but I do feel That you're really what you're Manifesting to but your mind is spinning A little bit you know I got the eight of Wands this is where I'm going with this Sorry uh that's kind of fast movement Here it's hanging towards the moon which Is already kind of in the dark uh it Could be manifesting with this as well

Like I said but uh it's confusion you Know a little bit lost feeling okay you Know that you need to meditate you know You need to come you know kind of thing You're gonna have a little bit of a you Know Believe me I'm a Libra I'm a triple one At that so I get it okay uh so it's kind Of like calm down calm down you know Like I we literally like I can't speak For all neighbors but I'm just kind of Like Deb you need to calm down you know That's what I'm kind of feeling so uh But I feel it's not out of anger or Being upset I just feel eager you know I Feel you want to rush rush rush kind of Thing and you're kind of like take a Deep breath and breathe you know kind of Thing that's what this is going to be it Could be literally meditating this month I feel but it's time to really keep on Working on you and your meditation Skills for sure uh yeah you're gonna do It you're gonna accomplish it it has Been a long road you know take things Step by step okay there's definite Changes in the future for not just you But uh for a relationship I do feel that It's been very frustrating but you hold That power exactly my dad one of my Dad's favorite Expressions used to be I Will not let this person control my mom Emotions that was his saying I still say I'm 54 and he's been saying that since

Birth he probably crept over me in my Crib saying it to me in my sleep That's a joke uh but no seriously but no Like that's what I go by don't let this Person control my emotions see Frustration level of it all make that Decision okay To Love Yourself is what This tells me uh you hold that power but You're healing your energy too with that Four Swords so yeah in this dress he Gets to you you know and that's the Confusion the Mind rushing now you could Be dealing with a twin here or the sign Of Aries with that Emperor but I'm Really feeling more uh twin flame here Absolutely uh now they could have not Really feeling the cheating here there Could be a little bit of third party Interference okay initially with this Relationship I'm really feeling it's More guilt than anything the emperor's Turn looking at that seven of Swords I Gotta fix this because I'm neglecting Them and I need to offer that cup of Love they know exactly what they're Doing they know what to do here for sure Yeah they're thinking about things and I I feel that that's you too you're Definitely mirroring images here uh for Libra I do feel that you think about Them you want them to come back you can Meditate definitely and and draw in your Wishes okay for this this manifestation Here because they miss you they miss you

As much as you miss them but I do feel That uh a little bit more you know Zening you know meditation here but There is going to be a change with that Five of Pentacles by them of returning Because the five Pentacles is right Above the emperor so they too are having That emotional turnaround kind of thing To act on this and come back I feel for a majority of you I feel it's Going to be towards the end of February Uh but I do feel that because of that Seven that's a waiting card in the Outcome so I do feel that just keep on Meditating breathing don't forget to Breathe here they are going to be coming Back with that communication to fix Things definitely so that's what I have For the sign of Libra moving on to the Sign of Gemini Geminine There's a whole new balance What you have been manifesting Gemini it Will come to fruition you got the Magician here and the sun you got three Major arcanas actually there's about a Change coming of a new start of balance For this relationship I feel everything That you've been thinking manifesting With your thoughts here is going to come Into fruition with the yes card meaning The sun I do feel that Spirit does hear Your wishes here uh your request okay Somebody has definitely been quiet

You've worked on your balance here that Make me add the Ace of Pentacles above That four Pentacles that's the five Pentacles so it's gonna you know that's Fives are known for changes here of Bound so there's definitely a big big Time change coming after somebody walked Away I do feel that they are moving Towards you now Not on a literal sense like a U-Haul uh But I do feel that they're off to go Create something new here uh now you Could have had a little bit of a Argument okay uh beforehand but I feel That's more of their emotions getting The best of them of the battle here as To what to do but I do feel that your Counterpart is coming back here to be Successful with this and restart things For sure uh it bothers them that there's Been stagnation with the outcome card Being the Five of Swords turn looking at That hangman and I do feel that this has Been a long process definitely but I do Feel that they're going to be coming Back now the page of cups is known for An apology uh it's just the emotions It's not actually you know them actually It could be but I just feel more so you Know in a heartfelt way of saying things You know expressing how they feel Towards you that's going to be known as Their apology okay so that's what I have For the sign of gem nice so good job for

Whomever that was meant for good job Because manifestation does work Aquarius Aquarius here Somebody's coming in to check on you I could be dealing with a fire sign here With that 901s but they're not gonna Like totally man up here woman up here But definitely they're traveling back to Their past somebody that they already Know this is definitely a twin flame Energy with that six of cups as well as The four of Wands here this is gonna Happen out of the blue I feel like the Aquarius you're holding your power with That Queen of Swords you're gonna accept Them in Oh somebody kind of already knows that They're coming in already you get that Gut feeling that intuition good for you Good for you also I feel that you've Been manifesting almost you know what it Feels like it's almost kind of like Rehearsing in your mind of what you Would say to your twin I do feel twin Flame uh when they do approach you when They do come back you've been rehearsing Whoever that's for please comment down Below boy that's a good one I like that Uh but definitely Sudden Impact with That communication out of the blue okay They're going to correct it all Justice Uh now you could be dealing with fire Like I said you have the Queen of Wands But I really feeling I know you guys are

Swords but you're really going to take This action I do feel that absolutely You're gonna oh somebody getting down And dirty uh but definitely reuniting Here Uh definitely showing the action now the Ace once does me to me anyway uh you Know a little flirting Um could be seeing each other you know Little uh Avon visiting your home you Know kind of thing uh but you are going To be getting your wish fulfillment here I really feel strongly somebody's out There already planning in their mind Because we are air signs you know we do That I'm a Libra but still uh but Definitely planning out in your mind What you would uh converse with your Twin here but regardless they are going To be coming back and making things Right with that Justice card pressing be Dealing with a with a Justice with a Libra here as well things are going to Resume things are going to get better as Well you're receiving this fulfillment Of Love after quite a trial I do feel That you kind of healed your own energy Along the way uh definitely that is Needed but things are going to improve With not just the yes card of that sun Card but as well as that complete Deletion of love with that ten of Cups Really nice spread Aquarius and whoever Is uh definitely planning out what

They'd say definitely comment down below That is rock and cool I like that uh I Do the same thing uh but definitely That's what I have guys I hope that this Helps uh have a great new month of February of 2023 and I'll talk to you Soon bye