Hello my gorgeous Scorpio this is your Quick weekly update on what is about to Happen in your lives now this horoscope Tarot card reading it's in between the 23rd and the 29th of January 2023 my gorgeous scorpioni at the Beginning of this week you are going to Remember suddenly someone who has done Something to you that you it kind of Really affected you it affected you to The point where your heart was maybe Just like a little bit broken and the Reason why your heart was a little bit Broken only because you were like kind Of trying to maybe do something you were Focusing towards something so intensely Towards something that means to you like So much like so much to what's something That inspired you like oh my God to the Point where you couldn't have stopped Thinking about it whatsoever so it Happened at some point within the last Few months you just felt this Mind-blowing inspiration because you Decided to do something you know it's to Do with a specific adjustment or Specific change in your life but at the Same time you going back to something And this in itself mean to you so so so Much and then what happened you spoke to Someone or you said this to someone and Somebody's response you did not like a Whatsoever it broke you down it broughts You right down and you didn't like this

Why because that specific person who you Actually said they stir means to you so Much it means that person means the World to you but also it's to do with Someone who is like very honest like Really honest person normally but it's Also to do with someone who is a quite Consistent in your life so this is why You it is kind of affected you so much Much and maybe you don't even want to be Honest with yourself you know it Affected you to the point that you Couldn't have even been honest with Yourself that it affected you so much Now this is going to be on your mind Quite a lot now suddenly from the Beginning of this week why because this Is to do with the specific part of your Life that you really need to take on and This is like this kind of created a Little challenge in itself so even if It's to do with someone very consistent In your life even is to do with someone Very important in your life you still Must not my gorgeous scorpioni give your Power away this is something that is Going to open your eyes and it's also Going to make you realize something very Specific about yourself that person Hasn't done anything bad or that person Hasn't done anything wrong but sometimes In our life that person only say their Own opinion about this but sometimes in Our lives you know we reached this a

Very very interesting and quite unusual Destination where even those specific People in our Lives who mean to us the Most were so honest with us who knows us Who loves us even if we get to this Point to this point to this destination Even if they tell us you know to do Something if we want to even if they Tell us not to do something that they Don't for example agree it doesn't make Sense to them it doesn't really matter This is something that you really need To come to terms with that you should be Doing you should take on and even if Someone in your life who means to you so Much doesn't Necessarily agree with you it's not About doing the right thing it's not About doing the wrong thing my God be Honest is to do with your soul purpose It's to do with your soul calling is to Do it your spiritual journey and these Are the specific situation in our lives When we are having our own Spiritual Awakening where we understand that we Are so much more powerful than we Thought that we were but also at the Same time we understand that you know we Need to take certain things on that Means to us so much that our call our Spirit is calling us towards our soul is Like journeying towards this part of our Lives and even if it's wrong it doesn't Really matter even if it's to do with

The wrong decision it doesn't really Matter it's still to do with you and Your spiritual journey and you taking This on and you understanding something About yourself even if it goes that way Or that way so this is something that You need to come to terms with so you Are going to be thinking about someone Who almost like hurt you a little bit Because maybe they didn't believe in Your dream maybe they didn't trust your Dream maybe they were just worried too Much at the time that particular person So they were reflecting something else That was going on in their life on you And also never mind the fact that there Is so much negativity going on on the Outside negative negative negative Negative so it does affect people Spiritually and it affects people in so Many different ways without us even Realizing especially when it comes to Like a making really big decisions you Know and things like that so this is What the beginning of this week is going To bring you you're just going to be Reminded of what someone actually told You and now suddenly you're going to be Thinking why am I thinking about this And it's going to be like poof you know Like immediately some kind of Determination you're going to get Immediately you're gonna realize how Important this aspect of your life is

And you will want to take this on you Will want to continue with this and in Knowing not in a malicious or a horrible Way you're also gonna have that person In your mind and you are going to be Like I'm going to prove it to them I'm Going to prove my point I'm gonna prove My point at the same time I want to Stress that this is not like you know You're not doing this in a defensive way Or in a horrible way but it's just Natural that naturally the way we are It's your natural way of thinking it's Our mind you know at the same time when You get this determination that you want To do this alongside at the same time You are going to have that person in Your mind and you are going to want to Prove your points to them this doesn't Have to be horrible it does it doesn't Have to be bad or negative in any way It's just the way we are you know the Way we think so this is going to cross Your mind so now suddenly at the Beginning of this week you are gonna Feel this mind-blowing determination an Initiative you know and it's gonna come From that which is going to give you Strength and so much power and you are Going to understand you will know that This is gonna this is something that is Going to make you feel so much happy Ultimately by the same time it's going To bring a great success into your life

You're also going to start feeling very Very emotional and that in itself is Going to start opening up and you will Not see the direct connection but you Are gonna start feeling like you want to Spend more more time with people in more Time with the certain people and you're Also going to start thinking about how You want to kind of try and experience Certain things in life you are going to Start coming out of yourself but you are Not going to be able to understand the Direct correlation and connection with You already opening yourself up by being Honest with yourself with something that Was on your mind persistently and Sometimes sometimes sometimes the Specific situations and decisions in our Lives that need to strictly one million Percent come from us other people you Can we can use as a foundation on what We think you know in order to reflect And kind of try to understand more about The specific situations but to take like Other people's opinion as something like Final no baby no you know and you're Gonna realize how psychic you are and Things like that you know so this is Going to be a really really important to You because at the same time you know It's going to kind of like this stage of Your life it's really going to help you To fully embrace your emotions it's Going to help you to fully Embrace so

Much that was on your mind but you Haven't been doing anything about it for A while so now suddenly you're also Going to have this absolutely Mind-blowing great uh sense of like how You want to speed up you know certain Things in your life as well this you Know I want to say to you that you know This is actually going to bring a really Big power to you an amazing mind-blowing Power it's going to bring you an amazing Accomplishment and at the same time you Know this is gonna make you so much Confident you know about yourself and About your life and also this is gonna Be bring like one of the greatest Stabilities ever and even more so you Are gonna become aware of again you're Gonna hear some kind of a news or Certain things on the outside just out Of the blue you're going to become aware Of something really ludicrous is again Something really crazy something on the Outside something that you were aware of Before something that didn't make sense To you before now it's not going to make Sense even more which is going to bring Even more confirmation to you that you Know that there is some kind of like an Additional a little danger a hidden Danger that you are going to find out Again on the outside it is nothing to do With your life in particular but then Again all these things are really gonna

Kind of make you feel just a tiny little Bit paranoid just a tiny little bit Paranoid especially when it comes to you Oh my God you're gonna feel like you Want to protect what's yours and you're Gonna start thinking about your Financial situation and you're gonna Start thinking about your assets not in A bad way but something that you're Gonna hear on the outside it's really Kind of going to make you think is this Real or not you know what I mean by it's All gonna boil down towards the fact That you do want to kind of like do the Right steps right now in order to kind Of protect things that belongs to you And things like that and and also my Goal just as scorpioni what else I was Going to say you know it's it's a lot About you also kind of finding out that Now you know you've learned so much over The last two or three years you've Learned so much about your life you Learn so much about yourself and and You're gonna realize you know that oh my God it's like you're gonna realize that You've got like everything now at this Stage uh to actually now you will Realize that you're ready for something Like full on you're ready for something Full-on because you will realize that You've got more than you actually Thought that you have in terms of Knowledge everything is going to start

Making sense when it comes to you and Knowing that now you've got everything You need to have in order to put a more Sorry you're gonna think that you've got Everything you're gonna realize that You've got everything that you need to Have sorry in order to move on with your Life but then again there is a one Element that you're also going to become Aware of something very specific that You are working on right now that you Think it came to an end you still need To bring more you still need to put more Of your precious energy towards the Specific goal you're working on at the Moment that it's okay and and and you Maybe think it came to an end or you Maybe think it's at the final stage no Baby no there is still more that you Need to put towards something you need To break the ice by putting more towards Something that you thought that it came To an end that you've gave kind of your All this is so important because at the Same time this is going to require from You to come out of your comfort zone and Once you come out of your comfort zone At the same time this is a really going To kind of make you aware of that the Certain things are not kind of as scary As they seemed so far but also at the Same time when you come out of your Comfort zone this is when you go gonna Start becoming confident this is when

You're gonna kind of start becoming your Self-esteeming but it's gonna going to Be really highlighted and you're gonna Realize that you have got a full control And of your life and of those things That you you were like kind of so so Worried about so this in itself is Really going to bring you a magical Moment where you're gonna realize your Own power where you're gonna realize Your own strength as well and even more So at around the beginning of this week My gorgeous Scorpio only just pay Attention to this because it's really Really important again at around the Beginning of this week you know you are Going to have a very kind of very Specific dream very specific dream which Which is also going to bring you a very Interesting and specific Revelation and That dream that you're going to have ate Around the beginning of this week you're Not going to necessarily be able to Remember like the whole dream okay but What is going to happen is that Something very strange and something Very kind of bizarre it's again going to Be on your mind as soon as you wake up In the morning like you will know that You you're gonna feel very adamant about Doing something completely out of the Blue okay And this is more about your spirits kind Of reminding you

That there is an element of your life That you need to pay attention to it's Very very important okay and that is Going to kind of become a priority here And that is going to also later on Require you know an adjustment to be Made but at this moment in time you need To pay attention to what this actually Is because you're going to be reminded Of something like but I think it's a More to do with like a some kind of Unfinished Business something unfinished That you're gonna need to deal with okay Very very uh kind of significant for you To understand this by the time you get To the Meat part of this week my Gorgeous scorpion it's like oh my Lord You know you are really you know what You you you're gonna have a such a good News here you are gonna feel so happy The good news that you are going to have It's going to give you a reason for Celebration you have to believe me you Have to trust me because this is going To be big the reason why you're gonna Have a reason for celebration is because You are going to become aware of this Beautiful all mind-blowing opportunity That is going to require from you to Kind of like really take this on Literally immediately you need to take This opportunity on immediately and that Opportunity is to do with like a vision That you have for such a long time it's

To do with an ongoing Vision okay this Is not a vision that you're gonna have For the first time ever but this is to Do with an ongoing Vision how you want Your life to be and it's to do with an Important destination coming very close Much sooner that you could have possibly Imagined you will know that after this Moment in time there is so much that is Going to be stuck that is going to start Changing and happening in your life Especially within the next three months It's gonna be magical it's gonna be busy It's gonna be the time of you coming Home to yourself but also realizing that There is so much more to life than what You are going through right now I don't Mean that in a bad way by the way I just Mean this in the best possible way okay So ETA around the Mead a week my Gorgeous scorpioni you are gonna feel so Excited and so happy because you know You will know you you will have a huge Reason for celebration because you will Know that the certain vision is becoming A reality the certain vision of yours is Becoming reality and you are gonna feel So excited because for way too long you Couldn't do with what you wanted to do You couldn't Express Yourself the way You wanted to express yourself because You've been stuck in this limbo for way Too long so now you're still going to be Like oh my God that vision is becoming

True that vision is becoming reality you Know this is going to be big but you're Still going to be like oh my God you Know I don't know if it's the right time Because you are gonna hear like a few Stupid informations from the outside That don't make sense and there were Certain information from the outside They were still stuck at the back of Your mind subconscious mind without you Even realizing this is all affecting us Full on Big Time you know Nova means so This is still going to be playing an Important role like what if what if what If and then suddenly you're going to be Reminded how you couldn't do what you Wanted to do over the last 9 and 10 Months how you felt like your hands were Tied at the back and how you wanted to Kind of like really express yourself so Many times but you couldn't because you Found yourself doing maybe the wrong Things being surrounded by the wrong People but also like a being kind of Slow down on your spiritual path just a Little bit it doesn't really matter my Go to Scorpi only because you are now About to come out of it as soon as You're reminded about everything Horrible that you've been through within The last year for example and the Problems and worries and just a little Bit of depression this in itself it's Going to cause you to make a really

Really Brave step here like a really Really Brave move because it's all gonna Boil down towards you making the Necessary step which is the step that You are gonna find like oh my God like Really Brave at this stage of your life It's to do with your understanding that There is a certain risk that you are Going to need to take but that's life There is almost a risk with everything You know what I mean we across the road It's still a risk you know what I mean It could be a car coming from each side You know God forbidden but you know what I mean like everything is a risk you Know you can walk in the forest the Branch can fail on your head you know What I mean it can happen but it's like There's so many risks if we think like That we're just gonna bring like a like A negativity and risk on us at the time When you know when we feel kind of like A very kind of like sensitive you know It happens so you just that's why it's Important to think positive because at The same time you create this spiritual Bubble that protects you from things That could harm you otherwise by the Time you get to the last part of this Week my go to scorpion only by the time You get to the last part of this week I Mean I like this quite a lot here I like It I like it by the time you get to the Last part of this week you know you are

Really going to You are gonna become aware of someone's Unfortunate situation like for example If I can say like this but that's Someone's unfortunate situation it's Really going to give you an idea how to Protect yourself and what to do Someone's unfortunate you're going to Become aware of someone's unfortunate Situation and that is going to give you A very very interesting idea and then Something is going to happen completely Completely unexpectedly and I like this So much so the first of all you're gonna See an unfortunate situation uh in Someone else's life this is going to Give you an idea like a very interesting Idea what to do very wise idea because That particular wise idea it's also Going to start the progress and process Of you and nurturing yourself and Nurturing your life so this in itself It's a lot to do with you doing Something that you wanted to do for Absolute ages but also it's a lot to do With your own spirituality and then very Shortly after that moment in time you Are are going to have an unexpected Blessing my gorgeous could be only Coming into your life an unexpected Situation so what is unexpected Situation is going to be and what is Going to happen well this unexpected Situation is to do with an unexpected

Progress which is unexpected success you Know coming into your life and this Unexpected success that it's coming into Your life this is of course going to Surprise you but it's at the same time Going to the the reason why you're going To feel so excited is because you will Know that something very heavy and very Difficult and very nasty like a very Very heavy burden it's coming to an end Very very heavy burden is coming to an End so this unexpected situation it's Gonna be brilliant because it's to do With an unexpected success in your life On one hand huge burden is coming to an End but then on another hand this is Bringing you a really a brilliant Unexpected success as well and that in Itself is going to make you realize Exactly how much was something affecting You and slowing you down in terms of Like a planning in terms of your Progress this is what a heavy burden is Going to be but then on another hand you Know you're gonna feel so so so happy Because now you are gonna get a courage You know to to to like do everything That I said so far this is bringing you An amazing courage but also at the same Time this is a really going to make you Aware of the fact that now there is so Much that is going to start changing in Your life because you are about to start The process of a very very powerful

Manifestation and now it's time it's all Boiling down to where you want your life To be it's all boiling down to what you Want to do in order to be happy it's all Boiling down into towards you being so Much more kind of optimistic and so much Happier in life and why because you will Be able to kind of readjust yourself Within the last two or three years there Was a bit of like a de-attachment this Attachment that you had because you kind Of like a really swayed off your Spiritual journey something happened you Responded in a certain way and you had To kind of like a plug along you know For a while until you learned the Necessary like kind of lesson out of it There is some kind of lesson that came To an end and once that lesson came to Comes to an end it means then you gather The specific informations that you Needed to gather on a spiritual journey In order to kind of understand what Exactly is happening in your life right And now you are really gonna have a such A beautiful re-adjustment where you are Really going to come back home to Yourself at around the end of the week But also you are really this is all Gonna lead towards you really Understanding and knowing that you know This is this is this is about to open The brand new door you're about to open Towards you're about to like walk into

One of the most successful and Significant stages of your life so Please do pay attention to the ideas Throughout this week pay attention to a Kind of little realizations but most Importantly pay attention to little tiny Ideas that are really going to surprise You tiny little ideas small little ideas You're going to have throughout this Week that you've never had before and You're not even gonna think that that's So important but let me tell you Something my gorgeous scorpion is Sometimes sometimes sometimes those Smallest ideas make the biggest impact In our lives this is something you need To remember now it's more important than Ever so pay attention to the little Ideas because they are going to be Necessary for your own breakthrough for Your own progress for your own turning Point which is happening right now so Now my go to scorpioni I'm just going to Shuffle this oracle cards And I'm going to see what is going to be A oracle card of the week for you my Gorgeous Scorpio only what is going to Be a oracle card of the week Okay let's see what is going to be a Oracle card of the week Okay what is this oracle card going to Reveal oh my goodness life purpose I Mean come on how beautiful this is how Important this is you know and it

Doesn't surprise me what so ever okay You you are gonna have such a spiritual Moment this week my gorgeous scorpioni You are going to have such a spiritual Moment now suddenly you will want to do Things like spiritually you're gonna Open up you will want to maybe try Certain crystals you will want to smudge Your home with dry Sage to get rid of The negative energy maybe you will want To reconnect with people who who think Like you maybe you will suddenly want to Meditate and do certain meditations and Things like that you know this is all I Highlighted at the time when our own Life purpose it's about to be Highlighted by the end of this week my Gorgeous scorpioni you are really gonna Feel something so warm in your soul so Something so warm in your spirit Something so warm in your heart you will Know your life's purpose your spiritual Purpose is going to be highlighted Whether you believe this or not you Really should but every single one of us We are almost exactly the same but we Are every single one of us is also so Different why because it depends on our Karma and it depends on our spiritual Journey and it also depends on the way We respond to things the way we respond To things it shows how wise we are and How much we know so this is something You need to remember the certain things

That keep on repeating and repeating and Repeating until we reach a very powerful Destination in our lives you will know What I'm talking about trust me because By the end of this week you are gonna Have a such a situation where you are Really gonna feel something on a Completely different level you will know That this is to do with your life Purpose and you will know that this is Something that is going to change your Alive what didn't make sense so far that You were doing now this is also going to Start making sense as well my gorgeous Scorpio only by the end of this week Your life purpose is about to be Revealed and your life purpose is about To be highlighted you need to take on And make the room for it as soon as you Possibly can because that in itself is Going to require from you to make the Necessary Readjustment which is going to Come in form of you kind of realizing What also came to an end but but a good End because this is going to lead Towards a good sacrifice so you know It's only going to make your life so Much happier anyway okay my gorgeous Scorpio only thank you ever so much for Watching my videos I'm sending you Brightest blessings lots of love healing Peace and light to every single one of You thank you ever so much for watching My video Sasha bonuses psychic medium

Love you bye