The 9th House: The House of Higher Meaning

The 9th House: The House of Higher Meaning
The 9th House: The House of Higher Meaning

What is the easiest way for you to Receive higher guidance because really Mind house is calling you to connect to The intuition and in order to do that You need to first of all create States For us you need to stop the in a chatter Though how do you do it This podcast episode is brought to you By the Inner Circle your place to learn Astrology and Community with the Masters And transform your life in the process Well hello and welcome I am so happy That you are back here with us for our House series and today we're going to be Taking a deep dive into the ninth house And I am here with Galactic astrologer And upcoming Inner Circle astrologer Guide Julia balaz who will be helping us Understand all things ninth house each Week we're releasing a new episode Focused on one of the houses taught by One of our Inner Circle astrologer Guides and mentors and we are going to Be opening up our membership very soon So if you are not yet on the wait list I Highly recommend you do that you can go To Ic23 all of the teachers that you're Meeting as a part of this house series Are going to be our astrologer guides For the entire 12 to 13 months ahead and So if you love them this will be a great Time to just have that very regular Consistent teachings from them as you

Continue to deepen into your Astrological studies I'd love to just Give you a little bit more background on Julia she is amazing we are so grateful To have Julia here with us at astrology Hub and especially in the Inner Circle So for many years Julia felt guided to Meticulously study astrological charts Of her clients after their regression Hypnosis sessions she was looking for Some verification on extraterrestrial Information that came up in so many of Those sessions as a result of analyzing Close to 2 000 astrological charts Including fixed star alignments Julia Feels called to share her research data Confirming epic Cosmic orchestration and Influence of celestial bodies on our Lives supporting our Collective Evolution a passionate researcher of Souls journeying through Cosmos Julia Shares her intriguing discoveries on her Social media and in her online courses And she is here with us today and we are So grateful to be talking about the Ninth house which for me just feels like The perfect house for you specifically To be talking about Julia how do you Feel when you got assigned ninth house Celebrated happy dance Exactly and you know last week when we Were covering the eighth house with Ryan Butler I found it really interesting the Eighth house is just such this like deep

Kind of a little bit brooding and you Know not the most uplifting of Conversations at times but then you go Right to the ninth house where it's like You went into those depths in the eighth House and now you're coming out in the Ninth house and it's it's a very Different energy and that's one of the Things that I love about the cosmos it's Like it's not all one thing we're always Moving through these different energies And they're all within us and so we're Having this opportunity to experience All of it so Julia let's start here with The ninth house and just go high level What does the ninth house represent in Astrology Thank you and before I go to it I just Want to point out what you just said There it's actually quite genius how Each house following the previous Health It kind of corrected the extreme of that Previous house they're correcting each Other when you think about it it's Actually quite amazing how it truly is So so we go from this deepest dive of The eight house to the highest highs of The ninth house wow and and just Reflecting on what we covered in the Eighth house one of the the extremes of It may be one of the things Ryan brought Up quite a bit which is that anxiety and Fear and depression on some level could Be potentially seen as one of the

Extremes and what I'm hearing from you Is that what the ninth house offers is Almost like an antidote to some of those Experiences Yes like let's be resourceful let's find A way let's figure this out it's like Problem solving Health oh my gosh you Use the word exactly that he said he Said if you're resourced if you're going Through an eighth house Transit and You're resourced then that's when you Actually get to use get the benefits of That that challenging time in your life So amazing that you're literally echoing Without having even seen the Eighth House the synchronicity yes Yes so if you look at the traditional Astrology which derives meaning of Different planets and how that's based On how nature manifests and everyday Experiences so by traditional astrology The ninth house is the house where sun Has its greatest joy if we think about The transit of the Sun going Clockwork wise then the sun is at its Highest point of heat at around three O'clock which is the night house Position and that's where you have the Greatest light perhaps we can use the Metaphor of the light bulb moment where Suddenly you have these um epiphanies And you see Solutions and choices that You didn't see before but when the ninth House is activated suddenly you have

That Consciousness Available to You Accessible to you and certainly people Who have a lot of You know beneficial energy in their Ninth house and I'll talk about these Nuances later they are naturally wired To be solution focused and to be quite Positively oriented looking at the glass Half full very optimistic always looking At the bright side of life and in Country we can say the same about people Who would have maybe quite difficult Planetary positions or aspects to the Ninth house they may actually quite Struggle with that and they need to be Quite pessimistic so remember all that Okay awesome so can you give us like Sort of you've said optimistic Um solution oriented what are some other Just qualities of of the ninth house Yeah so some of the most unknown Keywords which we can uh you know just Use them as a bullet points and derive So many more meaningful expressions and Manifestations of the Mind house the one That is most commonly associated is Distance Travel far away those types of Journeys That you maybe make once in a lifetime It is associated with pilgrimage because Back in the day in ancient times Traveling far away from home was not Common at all if you left Poland it Would be for usually for pilgrimage or

Some greater Mission something really Meaningful and important so it usually Speaks you know the ninth house Manifestations when it is activated it Is often associated with countries you Know far away and it can be like a Physical travel a distance or it can be Mental Journeys exploring Distant places like Cosmos now mentally I've noticed if I can go into that Detail now when planets in the ninth House are positioned in the first decal Percentage The manifestations of the ninth house Tend to be about travel physical travel And living in other countries are Married someone from another country Depending on where the rulers are and How it's connected to other houses when The ninth house planets are in the Second decant Um 11 to 20 degrees and it tends to be more Like mental travel and a lot of study And education and choosing you know University and things like that or or Teaching kind of in the mental field and Then if the planets are in the third Deacon so the 20 to 30 degrees that Tends to be more about spiritual Pursuit Religious versus things like best I Would like to invite the viewers to pay Attention to that and see if they Actually Manifest this way in your own

Life as well that is fascinating and I Haven't heard it broken down that way Can you do that with all the houses like Have you looked at the deacons of all The houses yes paying attention to this For many years and it's spot on so okay And just because physical That can Beacon is mental and third Deacon is spiritual whoa fascinating and For people who don't know what Deacon is Can you just give us a quick definition Every zodiac sign has 30 degrees and it Just split that into three deacons of 10 Degrees each that's what it is and what If you're right on that 10 or right on That 20 like which one are you in the One before or after it's a bit of both Okay yeah okay amazing okay so we're Talking about travel we're talking about Going great distances this can be either Physical mental or spiritual we're Talking about optimism And learning and teaching yes and Another huge area that is really Prevalent here is personal belief system In terms of kind of our personal Alchemy Journey of how we evolve as a as a being When we get to the ninth house we start To wonder what is the meaning of my life What am I here to do what it is the Meaning of anything I do so really kind Of deep philosophical questions Julia we're going to be doing a 13th Episode as part of this house series

That is covering the different house Systems so Gemini Brett's going to be Teaching that one and I'm just curious To ask you now we don't need to go too Deep into all the different houses and Nuances but which house system do you Use I because I was interested in deep Psychology I use placidus throughout the Years when I worked with my clients Going through red Russian hypnosis when I listen to their life stories because That told me a lot about the stuff that Was underdeveloped and stuff that was Overdeveloped in their life but now more And more so I look at whole house system First reads I said to work more with the Archetypal energies and also the Transitive work of like my whole house Is doing very accurate but it's really Down to personal experience and journey And seeing what works for you yeah Exactly yeah that meaning in place for Different things right I've been Um reiterating that as much as possible For people because it can be so Overwhelming and confusing especially When you're new it's like wait there's a Bunch of different house systems how do I choose so basically you're saying you Started with positus and that's what you Use for how many years in your practice Seven that's seven years And now you're starting to Branch out

And and experiment and find different Times and and and opportunities to use Other house systems yes they use whole House system before too but for transits And future predictions at a time but Because I was looking at the childhood Issue subconscious issues and Conditioning I love plastic just for That reason sure okay so you started to Touch on this in terms of planetary Placements in the ninth house can we Dive into that a little bit more what Does it mean when you have planets in The ninth house and conversely what does It mean when you don't have any planets In the ninth house okay So depending what planet is there it'll Manifest differently and also then it Will connect to different houses and the Rest of the chart so it's you know video This element will add additional puddle Pieces and close to Um how we find higher meaning in Life or What are our personal beliefs about life How we relate to travel how we relate to Education and all these things that We've discussed already so for someone Who would have several planets or even Like celium of multiple planets more Than three planets in the ninth house They will tend to naturally be focused In direction of you know thinking about Higher truth or searching the truth Being in quest of wisdom knowledge

Information and it'll all you know Monica is differently depend on which Zodiac signs are coming into the mix of That and connection to the other houses I want to find out if there is Saturn For example in the ninth house then the Person actually might turn out being Quite skeptical about any religious Beliefs Um any philosophy or even about Astrology because ninth house is also a Link to astrology and astrologers so Someone with Saturday night house might Actually be quite dogmatic and if we add Mars to the mix they might actually be Fighting against astrology against Philosophy religious and it's kind of Funny because they are living a big Expression of technology in their own Charts or the Paradox of life right yes I've noticed with people who have for Example like hiring in their ninth house Or Lilith in their line how when we look At their hats lives or ancestral stories And we look at their soul records they Wear reliving an echo of previous Experiences where they suffered because Of religious Doppler where they say for Example lived as Charlotte or Naturopaths and when the church was Rising and trying to Disempower everyone that had Direct Access to Source from within they Suffered that phage and now they're

Reliving the similar circumstances with Karen or lillis and the ninth house and They are called to stand up for their Bodies and beliefs and not to let their Power be taken away by dagmatic Judgmental people any longer so that Seemed to have been every single time That I've seen in these alignments I will continue to do more plans if I May so if we have someone who has for Example Venus in their ninth house they Will navigate towards beliefs and Personal life philosophy that is Connected to music they may become Composers of like the devotional music Meditation music or art that becomes Quite like a therapy and you know their Philosophy of Life of their personal Expression if we have someone with Mars In their ninth house they may navigate Towards things like martial arts or tai Chi something that is action connected To taking action but at the same time There is some higher meaning or as Philosophy in it People who tend to have a lot of plans Like say Sun Mercury in their ninth House tend to actually be prominent Teachers or journalists publicist Writers gurus And it very much depends on if there is A connection to the 10th house that well If if we get to point of um teachers or Professors of you know higher education

That there has to there usually is a Connection to the lighthouse as well Perhaps the rulers of the houses are Actually sitting in each other's houses And and that brings me to the point Where where there is no connection to The penthouse and Ninth house I tend to See that with people who have a career They choose a career that is really just Paying the bills they don't necessarily Have a higher meaning they don't see Higher meaning in what they do and they Don't really mind it doesn't bother them They find higher meaning in other things Maybe in their hobby uh you know taking Up art class or or reading books that That expand their Horizons but their Career is a separate thing altogether Where people do have connection between The tent and Lighthouse they will not be Happy and satisfied in their career Until they do something that aligns with Their higher beliefs that are Represented by the ninth house Fascinating wow you you didn't cover Pluto Lucha underlined house It's quite intense and transformational These people would seek lots of peace And perhaps religious experiences that Aren't quite transformational and very Intense so these would be people who Perhaps go and live in a shroud and That's you know it's like full dive into

Religious beliefs very intense Okay so if you're listening to this and Wondering how to figure out if you have A connection between your ninth and 10th House or if you have a connection Between your ninth house and any other House in your chart this is where Rulership comes in and actually Kaelyn Castell who did our fourth house used a Different word besides rulership she Used resonance which I was like oh I Like that I love it yeah if there's a Resonance between the houses so you can Go to ruler and get our Little free guide that helps you figure Out how to find the different rulers of Each house or or the different Resonances between each house and then How those might be connected so you'll Be able to look at your chart and start To put these things together for Yourself so again that's free that's at ruler Okay an example of when there is a Connection so for example mid Heaven the Penthouse is because of cancer cancer The cast of the 10th house Gemini at the Ninth house and moon which is ruled by Cancer or Reese cancer is in the mind House for example and so that person can Become a writer of something that is Actually quite you know touching the Emotion focused on the emotions in some Way

For example I love it okay this is great With this collection as well and there's Jupiter and Gemini in the ninth house So that that was the writer's journalist Person Great okay is there a connection between The ninth house and the third house Yes so with astrology as we know the 12 Houses are we have these six opposing Archetypes that are intricately Connected so whenever we want to expand On Our ninth house or where we when we want To shine our greatest light when we want To evolve and be the best version we can Be we should always also look at our Third house Because You know we can focus so much on higher The laws of the gaining knowledge and Higher understanding let's say we have Capricorn ruling the ninth house We need to look at the Cancer as well That will be opposing in this example To deliver the high wisdom in a Nurturing way so that people can connect To it because the night house if we Think of it as a house of God by Traditional astrology and we think of The ninth house as a House of the Goddess and and also something that is Connected to the people everyday human Commoners we really want to bring that

Higher wisdom into nibble side this Everyday experience we want to be able To be relatable and connect on a human Level that's really is the kind of Higher objective of expressing the ninth House evolution of our being ah God I Just I I Marvel all the time Julia at How brilliant the design of the cosmos Is and how it just if if we're paying Attention to all these aspects there There's a balance that we can create in Our lives it's you know sometimes people Talk about You know new age or spiritual people and That gets like lumped into one thing Often as being woo-woo and ungrounded And like you know out there and not able To manifest reality in their lives in Their day-to-day lives so if you're Paying attention to this balance or this Polar energy then you would be tapping Into both aspects of those things 100 yes And we could go on and give example of Each zodiac sign and the polar opposite Of that how to deliberate but I'm not Sure if you have that much time Well and now that you've brought it up I'm sure that everybody would want you To do it so I think it I think it'd be Helpful yeah maybe a few so if for Example we have our Aries at the cusp of The ninth house it would be someone who Navigates towards philosophy that

Um that actually enhances their own Identity how they uh what they think About themselves the more they learn the More they know the more confident they Become in themselves and they're quite Fiery and in their delivery and you know Kind of leadership pioneering way but They need to always look towards the Third house as well where Um in this example Libra would be Sitting there to deliver their High Wisdom higher understanding in a in a Balanced harmonious way considering the Other people's opinion the shadow side Of Aries ninth Palace would be someone Who can speak at you and it's not really Listening to Twitter actually are Interested even in what they're teaching It and so on Or if it's not really connected to the Philosophy and learning Aries Lighthouse It would be traveling and and seeking Adventures that are very fiery and maybe Even a risky but they have to be careful And find some balance in Libra third House making sure that they're safe you Know okay if we have Taurus in the coast Of ninth house it may be someone who Needs to Look for philosophy or religion that Engages their physical senses and the Teaching philosophy needs to be quite Physical it could also be people who Love to learn and study about science

Anything that enhances human well-being Or Enhances something to do with birth Agriculture things like that but as they Learn their philosophy with Taurus ninth House people they tend to stop at some Point and they're quite satisfied with That and they keep holding that same two Laws of people way too long they need to Look at their Scorpio opposing in the Third house and continue evolving Continue expanding and allowing other People's opinions too so you can see uh Where I'm going with that I love it it's so helpful Okay so There's I'm never going through some of The commonly asked questions one of them Is how do you activate the ninth house In your chart so how can you bring these Kinds of energies more into your chart On or more into your life on a daily Basis yeah I would say the first place Is to look at the Zodiac that is ruling The ninth house because that will tell You how you will find it what is the Easiest way for you to receive higher Guidance because really mind house is Calling you to connect to the intuition And in order to do that you need to First of all create space for us you Need to stop the in a chatter though how Do you do it people who have they Capricorn in at the coastal Barrett

Night house you would want to Create Silence from the foyer cell And what will motivate you there's kind Of always behind the scene motivation For Capricorn line house where what You're learning what you're receiving Has to have a meaning a long-term goal That will benefit others it's very kind Of bottled like protector Essence Martin Luther King for example at night how in Capricorns so You know for people like pedest you need To find something where it will be Useful it'll be helpful so if you just Do book for the sake of reading it Without being able to actually apply it Somehow somewhere in your life you will Not do it it will not speak to you it Will not really evolve you as one Example or if you mentioned the Aries Ninth house that person I will need to Do either Tai Chi or something like that Like they need to have a movement so Look at the meaning of what does it mean When say Libra is at your ninth house And then look for philosophy of religion That is in alignment with that because That will we speak to and we explain to You the most if you find one that is not Matching your Modality like either fire or Air Water it will you'll just give up and do Something else

Okay That's that's helpful so you basically Anything that has to do with your Higher Learning and not spiritual expansion it Needs to be aligned with the zodiac sign At the house the ninth house cusp that's The like Flavor of your spiritual Quest Or your travel or your exploration or Adventure yeah yes this is where you Have the highest potential to develop Your Kind of evolving cells expand your Horizon grow learn Yeah okay why do people say that the Ninth house is exotic That's a lovely question well as I Mentioned before it Traveling away from home was not quite a Common and it would usually be a long Said Journeys so it is strongly and Healthy strongly connected to far away Places which would tend to be exotic and People who have alignments or a lot of Replacement in lined house they will Naturally be curious about other Cultures other countries or they would Marry someone from other culture Especially if you have a ruler of the Seventh house and the ninth house or Vice versa it's always like by the book Example of someone Mary someone from Other country You know fire away distant places And can the ninth house actually tell

You where you should travel Yes I believe so again I suppose someone Who has Aries up there at the cusp of Their ninth house it they will be guided To travel Somewhere and for a reason that is Aligned with Aries frequency it could be And remember again the nine houses like Once in a lifetime Journey something That really can be transformational and Really expand our world abuse so Aries One might go to save up a really long Time and go to Grand Prix Formula racing Truck and they meet new connections There and expand their world view there Sell one you would have But the Aquarius at their my custom Night house they would navigate towards Experiences and countries and places Probably where it's unusual very almost Like them Maybe like communities like a Shram or Or spiritual places or to send a new Earth idea where we live in harmony with Nature and we're somewhere like for Technologically advanced conference Aquarius Lighthouse travel reason You know so it's always associated with Dash because that's how we expand our Intuition will guide us to something Like that or Venus in ninth house or so Libra at the cost of ninth house it'll Be traveling or connecting to art or the Music or something like that you know

Yes wow okay so we can even get Direction on where to travel with this Uh can ninth house help you decide where To go to college or university or Whether or not to go to college or University yes absolutely so let's say Scorpio at the custom ninth house it Will be person that will navigate Towards studying deep psychology Or astrology or occult Sciences things Like that if it is Virgo at the cost of Night house it will be someone who might Be more inclined to choose higher Education connected to Medical Science And in fact just last week I was looking At a chart of an 18 year old who this in 2023 has Pluto entry his ninth house And he is deciding whether going to the University is attributed to the 10th House is bug Aquarius Or traveling abroad and living with his Family abroad and just kind of expanding His religious beliefs based on the Family that is living agnostic life so His ninth house will completely Transform his world view with Pluto Going through there so Wow It's amazing I love when it it works Like that I mean actually even in the Eighth House discussion we were talking About how textbook it can be how literal It can be when these things happen it's Not like

You know giving you a slight indicator It's like specific spot on it's amazing Yes Okay is there a difference or what's the Difference between the ninth house and Sagittarius Really good question so with the ninth House Ninth house tells us about where And that Sagittarius would tell us how We experience the wear you know if we Replace Sagittarius with any other Zodiac sign the ninth house will get Completely different labor and will be Experienced completely differently but It still remains ninth house where it's About the higher the lots of the Religion traveling and higher purpose so I suppose the connection in the modern Astrology of assigning Sagittarius to The ninth house and Jupiter as a ruler Of the ninth house is because we know Sagittarius to have the qualities of Fiery expansive very positive eager to Learn always New Horizons and there is Some resonance to travel this and Expansion things like that and then Jupiter is all about expansion Good Fortune things like that so there is Some resonance to it but there are two Different Thanks One I Swear one is how I like how You're explaining that there's Definitely a lot of confusion around That so I'm grateful that you're you're

Reiterating some of the things that Other astrologers are saying in terms of Sort of yes there's resonance between Those two things but decoupling them so That we can look at them as distinct Entities you know there's the knife House and then there's Sagittarius and Then your ninth house will not Necessarily have the flavor also of Sagittarius your ninth house may have The flavor of some other zodiac sign Whichever one is on the cusp right yeah Yeah All right so Julia what if someone's Looking at their chart and going okay I Don't have anything in the ninth house There's no planets in here what does That mean for them It's important to gain a lot of Information through the zodiac sign that Is at the cusp of the ninth house that Will give you so much information and Then where is the lunar of the ninth House in the natal charts there will be Dynamic connection the eligible flow Between two areas of the house and it Can be quite prominent even if even Though your ninth house is empty there May be several planets say in the eight Health or tenth house and they're Directly linked to the ninth house in One way or another so actually it is Activating your ninth house that way No not all black and white can you give

Us an example of that so let's let's Pretend someone has an empty Quote-unquote ninth house and just give Us an example of but you know finding The ruler and then finding where that Planetary ruler is in the chart and then How you would like synthesize that Together yes so for example my ninth House is ruled by Chadwick born Capricorn is at the cusp of my ninth House it's empty And the ruler of that is in my sixth House the ruler of that which is Saturn But Saturn is in my sixth house And There is also connection to three Planets in my eighth house including Uranus which is uh ruling my penthouse So there is like a whole connection Between 10 9 8 and 6th house which is The reflected in my career as a Regression hypnotists or teaching Astrology so my ninth House of Capricorn Is important for me anytime I learned Something that I can apply it as a Something that helps people and uh you Know in a really meaningful way And Anything I do in terms of daily duties You know the ruler the Saturn is in my Fixed house I My everyday Affairs are connected to my Teachings My Philosophy like there is a Deep connection between these two houses

And then it also kind of leads me to my Career fully and completely so or for Example okay that ruler of the ninth House being in the fourth house so it is Typically someone who completely takes On the beliefs of their family their Parents everything that household Believed in they will continue on in Their in those beliefs in their own life Philosophy they'll be completely like One of the same thing Does that cover the examples yes yes It's great I love just helping it come To life a little bit more so people can Look at their own chart and start to go Oh okay I can see how these things might Be linked together and how this is Playing out in my life and and even Taking it a step further how I can Actually use this understanding to make Even more confident choices in my life And and and affirm who I who I think I Am but like just actually have the Confirmation from the chart that yes Like this is who I am I don't need to Try and be anything but this and I can Just focus on living the highest Expression of what this is Thank you I want to share one example That is usually hard to translate into Everyday experiences that usually when The ninth house is linked to the 12th House by rulership it tends to be people Who either want to Solitude to reflect

On their higher like a lot of behind Meaning of life and who often plunder The importance of the subconscious and Everything that happens in the Unseen World mentally physically spiritually Again look at the deacons of where are The planet is positioned And one more example of my husband who Has four thousand Pisces and Jupiter in His ninth house at a very early degree So it's about the physical experience Expression of the ninth house rather Than the loss of the philosophy or Teaching setting one would presume that Jupiter in ninth house that will be a Lot of expansion and the person will be Really preoccupied with searching for Higher meaning but it's not the case Which my husband much like he gets Whatever New Concept comes up but he's Not necessarily seeking it I feel the Manifestation of his ruler award in the Ninth was really about moving abroad the Minute he finishes education he moved Out and he was really quite happy Um Fire no wow amazing Uh Julia you have to use this example as Well because it is that the Nuance of These um of in particular Leo in ninth House which is his case I would presume If I didn't know this person that Leo And I tell that will be someone who will Really create to be seen and heard in

Peachy fired the laws with beef but it's Not his case at all it really was about Moving abroad and today as I was Reflecting on it I realized that he Shines and Loaves whenever we travel Abroad whenever he's in completely new Environment he he's in his element He Loves exploring getting to learn about The new places so that's how that Leo is Manifesting there and again it's perhaps Because it is Jupiter is a very early Degree really about the traveling rather Than you know higher education and Teaching although it's difficult The physical part like you were saying Earlier so the the first one through ten Being physical 10 through 20 being Mental and then 20 through 30 being more This spiritual Realms wow fascinating And how validating for him and and Actually how directing for him because Now he knows that that's an important Part of life for him it's not a nice to Have or you know it's not an indulgent Luxury it's like part of his wiring that He when he does those things that's when He experiences the most expansion where He is the most himself you know all Those things so it's beautiful yeah wow And how lucky for him that you know that About him like how beautiful because Then you don't have to to think about Him being any other way it's like just Encouraging him to be who he is in that

Way yeah Beautiful Julia now as an inner circle Astrologer coming up what will your Master class be for our members our Students Galactic center super Galactic Center Greater director and Shockley attractor These massive Mighty black holes Magnetic forces and how to influence Evolution of our Consciousness on Individual and Collective level and Bringing that actually into this if you Have you know Sagittarius degrees early Scorpio degrees early Libra degrees They're connected to these powerful Horses if you have these in the ninth House I found through so many students In our course that you have access to Quantum awareness people are wired to Costly Consciousness they are able to Perceive things in a very Multi-dimensional way so if ninth house Has any of these like galactic center Super galactic center does the Attractors it it's like a whole water Level of Consciousness To be that way for any people that have These alignments so it's going to be an Amazing thing to explore with you Julia I'm having an Insight in your chart and One of the reasons why I really love you As a teacher well as a human but also as A teacher is is it I can feel that Capricorn uh ninth house because you are

Able to convey very like mind-blowing Out their like Cosmic ideas in a very Grounded and practical and believable You know there's like there's something So tangible about the way that you do it Whereas I could see someone else maybe It being just so out there that most People can't get it and they can't Understand why it would matter in their Life today but you are very uniquely Skilled at doing that and so I love Having that little insight in your chart And then watching it play out Um in the way that you show up and teach And facilitate and and all of it it's Really really beautiful to watch it in Action Thank you so much that brings me to a Point of mentioning the notes because we Didn't talk about them having them in The ninth house so someone who would Have without those in their ninth house They tend to room sorry North note in The ninth house not no no no no ninth House they will tend to want to just Stay away from anything religious and Dogmatic and philosophical they'll just Prefer to be in that Gemini weight as Their comfort zone kind of Those light experience and the other way Around if you have Norton notes in third house It will be your nature to talk about High wisdom

Philosophy things that are out there and I speak from experience and this is Actually something that really helped me Bring higher wisdom into digest Vulnerable sizes because my North Node Is in Gemini so I understand that for Many many lifetimes I was speaking truth Living on the mountain you know being Astrologer hidden in the house just with The telescope and you know being charged But not really delivering it to society And in this life I'm not allowed to do That I have to be connected to humanity And deliver it and understandable Um you know Nimble sizes oh my gosh Thankfully yeah I think really for us That is the wiring this time so thank You Julia for selecting that beautiful Design and thank you universe so amazing Julia this has been such a gift thank You so much for being with us if you Love Julia's teaching and you're loving The teaching of all the different Teachers that we're highlighting here at On this house series highly recommend That you get on the wait list for the Inner Circle we are going to be opening Up enrollment very soon and we're gonna Have a kickoff event that you're all Invited to as well where you're going to Get to meet all these teachers once Again we're going to be talking about Big Life Transit so life-changing Transits that happen

Um throughout everybody's life so the Ones that we all share and then some of The unique ones that that are happening Right now in this period of time but Also unique ones that might come up for You and your chart and we're gonna be Featuring all 13 of the astrologers that You're meeting as a part of this house Series and all 13 astrologies who are Going to be guiding us through this next Year ahead and Julia this has been such A pleasure the ruler guide the free gift If you haven't picked that up yet ruler The wait list for the Inner Circle Ic23 I see as in inner circle and then The number is 23. Why anything else you want to say before We wrap up Trulia Just adding the thick stars to to the Picture yes yeah I highly recommend People to look at different degrees of Various known big stars and if you have Those aligned to any of the planets in The mind how you can can I work with That higher wisdom of death star system To help your ball because people who Would have for example archers connected To their ninth house or serious they Tend to have these qualities of the Profound wisdom very ancient wisdom in Connection to to being a kind so there Is another way you can go even deeper if

That speaks to you it's endless I love How multifaceted it is and if you're Listening to this going what fake Stars Our tourists what are you even talking About it's okay all these different Layers of the for me it's like the code Of reality it they will you will get Exposed to them and you will be when You're ready for them you'll be able to Retain it and it won't feel overwhelming So whatever I'm amount you can grasp Right now that's the perfect amount for You and you will just continue to ripen In this journey and get more and more And more from your immersion in this Language and in this you know way of Perceiving the world so it's what I love To say is just enjoy the journey relax There's no grades there's no destination It continues to unfold as you just Continue to say yes to going deeper so Just want to leave you with that little Reminder and really looking forward to Connecting with you next week for the 10th house if you've missed any of the Episodes in this series they are there For you you can go have a binge watching Weekend and just get totally caught up And you will be amazed at how much you Learn and pick up as you go and again Leave anything that is over your head For now and you'll come back to it in a Couple years and go oh my gosh I can Understand stand so much more this is

Amazing and that's just basically how it Works so thank you so much for being Here Julia it's been such a pleasure Thanks to all of you for tuning in to This series for being a part of our Community and as always for making Astrology a part of your life we'll see You on the next episode